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Adventures False Readings

OK, Roryrules123 has put us in a bit of a bind here. The problems stem from that user creating six articles about rounds not yet collected in a volume (Volume 34 won't be out until close to the end of next month). There's no gurantee that those six rounds will still be six rounds when the volumes are all said and done; remember, there have been times where two rounds in the serialization become one round in the volume release, and it's entirely possible it could happen anywhere within the six serialization rounds in question. (If such a merge were to happen within the serialization rounds created roguely, we'd have to make a few page merges to correspond to the volume round, and move pages to correspond with the volume round numbers.)

As a result of these rogue page creations, the number of "remaining rounds" listed on the page has been given a false reading. Yes, even without the six rogue serialization rounds, the figure was slightly skewed, due to the category being used for the calculation including the overall round list and the article about rounds, which already put the figure off by two before the rogue articles sprung up. However, thanks to Roryrules123, we're shown to have only seven volume-collected rounds remaining when I count eight redlinks in chapter five alone and seven more in chapter six, which should add up to 15. Something needs to be done before the counter hits zero yet redlinks still appear in chapters five and six... - unsigned comment from Shiningpikablu252 (talkcontribs)

Yeah, it's not such a severe issue. CP, myself, and other users are working on creating the remaining rounds and it will be done, regardless of what the counter shows... If Volume 34 has different numbering, we'll handle that very easily when it comes out. We need to start worrying more about writing to actual summaries, cuz most of these are stubs. --electAbuzzzz 23:18, 20 January 2010 (UTC)