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Spr 4h 172N.png Read my novel 'A Boy's Own Story at [1]. If your bored check this out [2]

Just to say that I have Aspergers and may right a bit to detailed on some pages.


Ani010OD.png Ani011OD.png Ani012OD.png Ani013OD.png Ani014OD.png Ani015OD.png Ani046OD.png Ani047OD.png Ani048OD.png Ani049OD.png Ani123OD.png Ani127OD.png PalletShipping is my best shipping I love it so much Ive drawn pics of it about a million times. Ash and Gary are the best I love em to pieces!

A Boy's Own Story Novel

This is a Novel I am making, the link is above, I hope you have the time to see it.

Here is the Pokemon so far

Extra Pages

My Boss Fantasies Page!

My Anime Page

My Sandbox

My MPBW Page