Blue's Machamp

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Blue's Machamp
グリーンのカイリキー Green's Kairiky
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Blue Machamp.png
Blue's Machamp
Debuts in A Tale of Ninetales
Caught at Kanto
Evolves in A Tale of Ninetales
Gender Male
Ability Guts
Nature Bashful
Traded in A Tale of Ninetales*
Original Trainer Blue
Traded for Red's Poli, Saur, and Pika*
Current location With Blue
HOME067.png HOME068.png
This Pokémon spent less than 1 chapter as Machoke.

Blue's Machamp (Japanese: グリーンのカイリキー Green's Kairiky) is a Pokémon that Blue owns in Pokémon Adventures and his fourth overall. As of A Vicious Cycle of Possibilities, he is at level 80, and his Characteristic is that he "nods off a lot."


Red, Green & Blue arc

As a Machoke, temporarily owned by Red

Machamp first appeared as a Machoke in A Tale of Ninetales, when Machoke is accidentally traded to Red alongside Blue's other Pokémon. During the three days that Red has them, he attempts to get them to relax and open up to him, with little success. A few days later, during which the only new Pokémon Red had captured were a Krabby and Diglett due to their disobedience, Machoke was pitted in a battle against a wild Ninetales when Pika injured him using Toxic and forced him to run towards Red's new party. Though he initially failed to hold his own against the fox's intense flames, the tables turned when he suddenly evolved into a Machamp, due to being traded, and subdued the enemy using his four strong arms. The two boys each threw a Poké Ball, one of which captured Ninetales. Though Blue didn't object when Red claimed his ball had caught him, Blue argued that it was his Machamp that weakened him, so he should keep him, which he did. They then traded back each other's Pokémon, while keeping the caring attitude that Red installed in them.

Machamp in the Pokémon League

In A Charizard...and a Champion, Machamp battled against Red and his Snor during the Pokémon League. Machamp started off by blocking Snor with his four arms and preventing him from attacking. After a brief fight of strength, Machamp easily lifted Snor with his four arms before spinning him about with Submission to render Snor dizzy and slamming him onto the floor. After Snor hit the ground, Red quietly told Snor to use Harden in anticipation of Machamp's next attack. However, Machamp instead attacked the ground, using the shattered debris as a lever to catapult Snor into the air and out of the battlefield. Just as Snor was about to be disqualified for going out of bounds, he plummeted from mid-air and crushed Machamp with a Double-Edge and Toxic combo. Noting Machamp to be down to a third of his health, Blue sent Ninetales out in its place.

Yellow arc

In a flashback shown in Electro Magneton, Machamp battled a wild Magneton in the Power Plant and used Focus Energy to increase his critical-hit ratio before defeating it with a strong finger thrust, though he injured a leg in the struggle.

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

Machamp and Blue

In Double Dealing with Deoxys, Machamp is used in a double battle alongside Scizor against Red and his Snor and Gyara. Scizor, with Machamp in his pincers, flies above Snor and drops Machamp, who proceeds to grab Snor's body and use Seismic Toss. Machamp follows up by rushing in front of Snor and performing Low Kick, tripping Snor and sending him crashing into the ground, knocking him out. Blue follows by having Scizor attack Gyara with Steel Wing, knocking him out too. Red next sends out Pika and Aero as his last two Pokémon. Red has Aero use Take Down on Scizor, which dealt no recoil damage due to his Rock Head Ability. Aero follows up with Dragon Claw on Scizor, so Blue switches him out for Rhydon. Seeing an opening, Red has Pika attack Machamp with an electric attack. To Red's surprise, the attack is suddenly redirected. Blue smirks and reveals that Rhydon has the Lightning Rod Ability, which causes all Electric-type moves to be redirected towards it. Since Pika's Electric attacks had no effect, Pika jumps into the air and delivers an Iron Tail onto Machamp's head. The battle ended in a tie.

In Don't Doubt Deoxys, Blue sends out Machamp and Scizor to attack Orm's horde of Shuckle, which had bound itself to Blue. Machamp blasts that Shuckle with Hyper Beam, while Scizor attacks with Metal Claw. Rhydon shows up from underground and defeats the head Shuckle, scattering the rest. Blue reveals that Scizor and Machamp were simply a diversion for Rhydon to attack.

Emerald arc

In The Final Battle VII, Machamp appeared alongside the rest of Blue's team when he was checking to make sure they all survived the petrification caused by Mewtwo and Darkrai.

Personality and characteristics

Like most of Blue's Pokémon Machamp is serious, calm, and focused. Machamp is slightly reserved as well and tries to stay out of the way unless he is needed. He is very loyal to his Trainer and is the powerhouse of Blue's team, often overwhelming his opponents with his strength.

Moves used

Blue Machamp Slam.png
Using Slam
Blue Machamp Hyper Beam.png
Using Hyper Beam
Move First Used In
Submission A Charizard... and a Champion
Slam × A Charizard... and a Champion
Karate Chop A Charizard... and a Champion
Low Kick  Electro Magneton
Focus Energy Electro Magneton
Seismic Toss  Double Dealing with Deoxys
Hyper Beam  Don't Doubt Deoxys
An × shows that the move cannot be legitimately known by this Pokémon in the games.
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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