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Benji (Japanese: シロウ Shirō) is a character of the day who appeared in Mountain Time.

Benji and his father are part of the Mountain Patrol, using Ledian to help them do their job. To help train these Ledian, Benji's father has a Pidgeotto to simulate the strong winds that occur in the mountains.

Benji took Ash and his friends out to the woods to show them how he trained his Ledian. Suddenly, an unusual wind whipped up and Benji's Ledian was blown away. They soon realized the wind was being caused by a vacuum machine used by Team Rocket. The same machine was used to suck up Pikachu and Togepi. Benji ordered Ledian to go after Team Rocket, but the machine's wind was too strong for it. Soon, a real wind blew Team Rocket's balloon away and they crashed into the mountains.

Benji and Ledian helped the group navigate the mountains and recover their stolen Pokémon. They later found Team Rocket teetering on a rock on a tip of a mountain. Benji pulled out a rope and net from his bag, and with Ledian's assistance, they rigged up a zip-line to rescue Team Rocket, Pikachu, and Togepi. A rock dragged down the rope, but Ledian managed to harness all of its strength to get everyone onto the ground safely.

Team Rocket then tried to run off with Pikachu and Togepi, but they were stopped by Benji's father. Benji and his father then teamed up and used both of their Ledian to save Pikachu and Togepi. Afterwards, night fell and the first stars began to appear in the sky, causing Benji's Ledian's spots on its back to glow. Benji's father then promoted his son to "Officer of the Mountain Patrol" for his brave actions.


Benji's Ledian
Benji's Ledian is part of Mountain Patrol, which helps people stranded in the mountains. It was smaller than the Ledian owned by Benji's father and had to still train itself to become faster and stronger for future rescue assignments. Ash and Pikachu first saw it while running through the mountains and chased after it. It suddenly got into strong winds caused by Benji's father's Pidgeotto as part of a training regiment and failed to endure it.

Later, Team Rocket appeared with their new vacuum device, sucking in Pikachu and Togepi. Ledian tried to save them, but it was blown backwards. Benji and the others decided to save them, but a sudden rock-slide blocked their way, forcing them to use a rope ladder. The rope broke because of a strong gust, but Ledian and Ash's Noctowl were able to bring everyone to safety.

Ledian decided to look for Team Rocket and the lost Pokémon, and it soon located them teetering on a precarious rock. Ash's Bulbasaur couldn't reach them with Vine Whip, so Ledian helped Benji create a zipline, and carefully slid everyone to the ground in a net. Team Rocket went on to capture Pikachu and Togepi once again. Ledian attempted to fight back, but it was struck down by a Vine Whip from James's Victreebel. Ledian then paired up with Benji's father's Ledian for a combined Swift attack. The joint effort helped free the stolen Pokémon, and Pikachu sent Team Rocket blasting off.

The following night, when the stars started to appear, the spots on Ledian's back began to glow a red color and it flew in the sky with Benji's father's Ledian, sprinkling dust. Benji's father revealed that a Ledian's glowing back spots indicate it is well trained, and he then awarded Benji the position of Mountain Officer.

Ledian's known moves are Swift and Comet Punch*.

Debut Mountain Time
Voice actors
Japanese Rikako Aikawa
English Rikako Aikawa

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 今井由香 Yuka Imai
English Amy Birnbaum
Finnish Jenni Sivonen
European French Circé Lethem
Hebrew אייל כהן Eyal Cohen
Polish Renata Berger
Spanish Latin America Yamil Atala
Spain Amelia Jara

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