Battle of the Advanced Generation

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Fantastic Adventure
Cantonese opening themes
We'll Be There
Chīu Saidoih-jī Jin
Battle of the Advanced Generation
Artist 吳卓羲
Ron Ng
Lyrics 鄭櫻綸、宋沛言
England Cheng, Sung Puiyìhn
Composer 田中宏和
Hirokazu Tanaka

Battle of the Advanced Generation (Chinese: 超世代之戰 Chīu Saidoih-jī Jin) is the fourth opening theme of the Cantonese dub of the Pokémon anime. Despite being based on Advance Adventure, it was used from near the end of the Johto saga at EP260 until AG089. It was the last of the Cantonese themes to be used in the anime until being followed up by A Magical Land in Pokémon the Series: Black & White.

Opening animation


Ash and Pikachu are in a stadium as the sun rises. Ash tosses his Poké Balls to the sky and out come Treecko and Taillow fighting with an unknown Trainer's Vigoroth and Pelipper. Pikachu runs and uses Thunderbolt at a Mightyena. The Thunderbolt explodes in the arena. Mightyena faints. May and Brock appear with their Pokémon. Max is holding a PokéNav with Ash and his friends behind him, looking at Lilycove City.

Ash and his friends run away as the ground disappears and lava flows into the ocean. Then, silhouettes of Team Magma and Team Aqua Grunts, Groudon and Kyogre appear, followed by Team Rocket and their Pokémon. Ash and his friends are out at sea on a raft. Multiple Wingull fly in the air. Under the water, there are Carvanha, Sharpedo, Wailmer, and Relicanth. Ash and the gang are in a forest, with Wurmple, Silcoon, Zigzagoon, Shroomish, Nincada, and Poochyena in it. The gang then walks in a cave, with a Sableye on the ceiling. Duskull appears in front of the screen. Then, Latias and Latios fly to a battlefield and past Ash and Pikachu. Absol is standing on a rock and uses Razor Wind. Ash and the gang stand together. The logo appears above the clouds.





TV version

Chinese English
Ready Go Go! Ready Ready Go Go!
進化 進化 戰鬥再進化
勝利無需牽掛 鍛煉成長顯功架
戰意爆炸 電壓我再加
友愛滿載 破格變化

衝開一切框架 天色灰暗也不怕
釋出金光閃一剎 充滿神奇幻化
天生追擊 反應 過人戰績 躍動跳升

擁有信心 不畏過招

Ready Go Go! Ready Ready Go!

Ready Go Go! Ready Ready Go Go!
Evolve and evolve, battle then evolve again
No need to worry about victory, the growth of training is revealed in movements
My will to battle burst. I increase the power even more
Friendship in full capacity, break the rule and change

Open all the frames, I will not fear when the sky becomes gray
To make those dreams come true, you accompany me in tracking them down
Release a golden flash full of miraculous change
Innate pursuit and counterattack, exceeding other's achievements, leap and jump

Strive for competence every day and night
Fall into this advanced new generation
With confidence, fearless in attack
The twists and turns in every day and night
If we can charge together
Overwhelm the opponent and win the match
Our fighting spirit will never change

Ready Go Go! Ready Ready Go!
Battle must rely on friendship and courage

Fantastic Adventure
Cantonese opening themes
We'll Be There
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