Band of Diglett thieves

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Band of Diglett thieves
Diglett Thief leader
The leader unmasked

The Band of Diglett thieves (Japanese: ディグダ泥棒団 Gang of Digda thieves) are characters of the day who appeared in Plant It Now...Diglett Later.

Riding on Dodrio, they claimed that they were going to steal all the Diglett that were owned by the townspeople in Diglett Village. Ash was upset at this, but the townspeople were unconcerned. Joining forces with Team Rocket, Ash and his friends decided to spy on the thieves in their home village while trying to incapacitate their Dodrio. While doing so, they learned that the thieves are the children of the Diglett Village residents when they were caught by surprise by Rita and Sue and spotted by the band's leader (who was the father of Rita and Sue and the mayor of that town). They weren't trying to steal the Diglett, but rather use it as an opportunity to check up on their family members. Evidently a yearly occurrence, the Band of Diglett thieves saw it as an opportunity for their grandparents to get up and exercise.

The "Diglett Thieves" agreed not to ride in on the Dodrio. During the charade, Ash and his friends used their Pokémon to help fight them ranging from using electric-proof helmets, hoses to counter fire attacks, umbrellas to counter water attacks, and headphones to keep them from being hit by sound attacks. Most of them ended up in pitfall traps that were dug up by Team Rocket and the elderly townspeople. After the charade was finished, Ash and the others promised to keep the secret of the Band of Diglett thieves.


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Band of Diglett thieves's Dodrio
Dodrio (multiple)
These thieves rode on Dodrio as their method of transportation throughout town. In a charade that happened, they did not ride on the Dodrio. After the charade was over, the Dodrio did not show up along with the Diglett Thieves.

None of Dodrio's moves are known.

Debut Plant it Now...Diglett Later!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 大川透 Tōru Ōkawa (leader)
English Dan Green (leader)
Polish Mikołaj Klimek (leader)
European Spanish David García Vázquez (leader)

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