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These are Arezu's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series games

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Mission 8 - "Arezu's Predicament"
Jubilife Village (Floaro Main Street)
"Wow! The Galaxy Team hairdresser really is... dare I say...cutting edge!"
"Oh, hey! You're <player>, the boy/girl who quelled Kleavor, aren't you?"
That's me!: "I knew it! You've got quite the reputation, you know. I mean, you quelled one of almighty Sinnoh's chosen ones! Some people are actually kinda scared of you for doing something so bold."
Who's to say...: "Heh, you can't fool me! You've got quite the reputation, you know. I mean, you quelled one of almighty Sinnoh's chosen ones! Some people are actually kinda scared of you for doing something so bold."
"I'm Arezu, by the way! I'm a warden of the Diamond Clan. My special skill is giving haircuts. Real nice to meet you!"
"Oh snip! But I came here to talk to your Mr. Kamado. See you round!"
Galaxy Hall (Kamado's office)
"No problem! Adaman's got his hands full running our clan and all, and Ursaluna's warden wouldn't even give me the time of day... So the Galaxy Team are the only ones I could turn to about this."
Crimson Mirelands (Cloudpool Ridge)
"Oh, <player>... How did it all go with Ursaluna?"
I helped him: "Thanks a bunch, fella/girl.'d you find me all the way out here?"
I calmed him down: "Wow, you really are strong.'d you find me all the way out here?"
Ursaluna found you: "He tracked me all the way here by the scent of those potato mochi I ate? That Ursaluna sure is something. I know he's descended from one of the Pokémon that were blessed by almighty Sinnoh...but still, wow!"
From the potato mochi: "You followed the scent of the potato mochi I bought at the Wallflower? Man, I wish I could eat some more of those right now... Jubilife Village sure was a lot of fun."
"My luck's run out, you can most likely tell. I got chased by a Pokémon and sprained my ankle pretty bad as I was running away. It's almost like the world wants to punish me..."
"M-Mistress Calaba! Uh, I-I-I didn't—"
"Huh? Wait. But..."
"It's OK... I didn't do a good job explaining myself, either. Ursaluna only started acting weird after he got too close to Lilligant and smelled her perfume. She was already frenzied by that point, so I'm sure that's what caused it..."
"I was gathering ingredients to make balms... But I...I fell and sprained my ankle."
"See, the reason I went to Jubilife was to get help for Ursaluna and also learn about crafting."
"But while I was there, I bumped into Professor Laventon, and he told me about the balms you used to quell Kleavor. So I thought I'd make some for Lilligant using her favorite foods..."
"You Galaxy people know all sorts of things. I'd like to learn even more from you, really..."
  • If talked to before going to Brava Arena
"You're all so kind..."
Crimson Mirelands (Brava Arena)
  • Before battling Lilligant
"Listen! The Lady of the Ridge, Lilligant, is like a dancer—always in motion, always darting about. You'll wanna watch her real close and learn how to dodge her moves!"
  • After the player quells Lilligant's frenzy
"First Ursaluna and now Lilligant! You're amazing, you know that?"
"Being all frenzied didn't suit Lilligant one bit. I'm so happy she's back to her graceful self."
"Yes, I know... I'm sorry..."
"I understand..."
"Thank you for everything, <player>. I think I'll stay and talk to Lilligant for a while."
"What happened, Lilligant? How'd a kindhearted Pokémon like you end up all frenzied, huh? Though it's not like I’m perfect... I hid things and lied and couldn't even keep you safe. I'm real sorry about everything..."
Jubilife Village (Floaro Main Street)
  • After completing Mission 8
"Mornin', sleepyhead!"
"You'll never guess what! I'm gonna start working at the hairdresser's shop!"
"Now you'll be able to try out my own original hairstyles! Isn't that super exciting?"
"Oh, I'm still gonna be Lilligant's warden and all. I'll be burnin' the candle at both ends, but I can make it work—don't you worry!"
"Anyway, come on over to the hairdresser's when you can, <player>! I'll give you a killer hairstyle!"
"M-Mr. Kamado, sir... about that whole Ursaluna situation..."
Request 59 - "Misdreavus the Hairstyle Muse"
Jubilife Village (Hairdresser)
  • Receiving the request
"Hmmm... No, that's not quite right... It just needs that little extra something..."
"Oh! Just the boy/girl I need!"
"I could use some help coming up with new hairstyles. I've hit a real wall here."
"A Pokémon would be great for inspiration, I bet. Right now I'm picturing... Yeah! Misdreavus!"
"If I could study a Misdreavus up close, I'm sure I'd come up with some amazing new styles!"
"If you manage to catch a Misdreavus, bring it here so I can have a look, 'K?"
  • If talked to again
"Misdreavus... Misdreavus... Hmm... Was it like this? No, I think it was more like..."
  • Completing the request
"Ooh, did you bring a Misdreavus to show me?"
If shown a Pokémon other than Misdreavus: "Come on—even you must be hurting for some new hairstyles, right? Get me that Misdreavus!"
If shown an alpha Misdreavus: "This is an alpha Pokémon, isn't it?! Amazing... Look how its body ripples like a cloud... I'll be sure to use this as inspiration when I have a customer as large and scary as an alpha!"
If shown a regular Misdreavus: "You know, people are afraid of Misdreavus because of how it apparently wails at night. But getting a good look at it like this really gives me some fresh perspective. Look how it billows and sways and flows!"
"...Wait. That's it! That's what I'll do!"
"Wow, I just thought up some charming hairstyles! And an enchanting new palette of colors! All thanks to you and Misdreavus here."
"Come by anytime and try out my new ideas for yourself!"
Request 75 - "Kirlia the Hairstyle Muse"
Jubilife Village (Hairdresser)
  • Receiving the request
"Hmmm... No, that's not right, either. It needs a special extra something, but what...?"
"Oh! Nice timing as always!"
"I could use your help again coming up with some new hairstyles. I've hit another wall here!"
"Now, I bet I could get inspiration from a different Pokémon this time. A Pokémon like...yeah, Kirlia!"
"I can't remember how it looks exactly, but I'm pretty sure it has a real distinct style. If I could study one up nice and close, I bet it'd get me past this block!"
"If you manage to catch a Kirlia, bring it here so I can have a look, 'K?"
  • If talked to again
"Kirlia... Hrmm... Now what exactly did Kirlia look like again...?"
  • Completing the request
"Oh! Didja get that Kirlia to show me?"
If shown a Pokémon other than Kirlia: "Come on—even you must be hurting for some new hairstyles, right? Get me that Kirlia!"
If shown an alpha Kirlia: "Wow! This is an alpha Pokémon, isn't it?! Just think—if an alpha Kirlia waltzed into the hairdresser and asked for a cut 'n' dry, where would you even begin, huh?"
If shown a regular Kirlia: "You know, they say Kirlia just loves to dance. I kinda get it—that feeling when your hair sways around you while you're dancing... It's the best! Actually, yeah... That's the sort of hairstyle I want to go for! Now, how to gather up the hair the right way? And where should it be let down? Hmmm..."
"Oh! I've got it! That's what I'll do!"
"Boy/Girl, I owe you one. Thanks to you and Kirlia, I've got ideas for some new hairstyles—and new colors—like no one's ever seen!"
"Come by anytime and try 'em out for yourself!"
Request 96 - "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Fieldlands"
Jubilife Village (Hairdesser)
"I heard all about those massive mass outbreaks. I bet they're some sort of Pokémon festival!"
"Its like what I heard from a customer who came here from Johto. Apparently, on nights with a full moon, Clefairy get together and dance! It's basically a gathering of Pokémon that only happens when certain conditions are met. Sounds pretty similar to massive mass outbreaks, don'tcha think?"
"So massive mass outbreaks could be a festival for Pokémon to enjoy in rainstorms!"
"Well, I did hear something weird from a Diamond Clan friend of mine..."
Regardless of choice: "They said they saw a mass outbreak of alphas in the Crimson Mirelands! But seriously, do alphas ever gather in groups? My friend must've made a mistake, right?"
"Even the Lady of the Ridge would be no match for a mass outbreak of alphas..."
Jubilife Village (Hairdresser)
"Hey there! In the mood for a style change?"
Hair styling: $500: "Great! Come on inside."
If player does not have enough money: "Hey, what's the deal? You're short on money, you know!"
Never mind: "Drop by again anytime, you hear? I'll keep polishing my skills!"
"Grab yourself a seat!"
"So what'll it be?"
If the player makes no changes: "Hmm, this is pretty similar to your old style. You sure about this?"
If player makes one change: ???
If player makes more than one changes: "Wow, you're going for a big style change, huh? Just to check—you really OK with this"
"You got it, fella/girl! Here goes nothing!"
"Aaand we're done here! Not a bad look, wouldn't you say?"
If the player is wearing a hat: "Last thing! Hat or no hat?"
I'll wear it: "Gotcha!"
Leave it off: "Can do. I'll put the hat you were wearing back in your satchel, then!"
If the player chose a hairstyle that does not accommodate hats: "Your hat doesn't really go with your new hair, so I put it in your satchel for you!"
"Thanks for comin', now!"
Jubilife Village (Photography studio)
"So I heard that a lot of my customers come get their photos taken after I do their hair! My own hair's looking pretty perfect today, don'tcha think? Care to take a photo with me?"
Jubilife Village (Training grounds)
  • Before battle
"Warden Arezu of the Diamond Clan, reporting for duty! Gotta warn ya—I pack quite a punch!"