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Rock Tunnel

Rock Tunnel, 1F
Rock Tunnel, B1F

Rock Tunnel can be exhausting, so you may need to bring a few extra items. Potions are a must with fifteen Trainers wandering around in the darkness, and Repels and Escape Ropes are also helpful. If any of your Pokémon know the Dig move, they can return you to the tunnel's entrance at any time.


The area near the entrance is pretty linear. Defeat the PokéManiac and take the stairs down to B1F.


There are five Trainers in this area, though you only have to battle four. Earn some battle experience, and find the next stairway.


There are three Trainers here lurking around here. Loop around to the right to find the stairs.


Another three Trainers line the tunnel here. The stairs to the first floor are located in the northwest corner.


Three Trainers left! Defeat the three Jr. Trainers, and look for the exit to the south.

Route 10 (south)

If you defeated every Trainer in the tunnel, you earned about PokémonDollar.png11,000! There are a few more Trainers on the south side of Route 10, but you can take the eastern path to avoid them.

Lavender Town

Lavender Town

Lavender is a tiny, quiet town, but it is not without its own unique landmarks. The most well-known is Pokémon Tower, while the Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House and the Name Rater are also found here. The Poké Mart in the southeast offers some new items, like Revives and Great Balls.

The Name Rater

The house on the south side of town belongs to the Name Rater. This man judges your Pokémon's nicknames, and gives you the chance to change them. His service is free, so you can change nicknames as often as you would like.


Kindly old Mr. Fuji, head of the Lavender Volunteer Pokémon House, has gone missing. His disappearance may have some connection to the recent paranormal activity occurring in nearby Pokémon Tower. However, besides keeping an eye open for clues, there's nothing that can be done about it right now.

Pokémon Tower

You can't battle them if you don't know what they are!

Pokémon Tower, where departed Pokémon are laid to rest, appears to be the source of the town's problems. Having a connection to the spirit world, most wild Pokémon found inside are Ghosts. Blue is on the tower's second floor, but you may decide to delay that battle by avoiding the tower for now. The spirit world's influence strengthens above the second floor, where ghosts and possessed Channelers are commonplace. But without a Silph Scope, you won't be able to climb to the tower's top floor.

Restless Spirits

Most ghosts inside the tower are truly Pokémon in disguise that can be battled or captured after obtaining the Silph Scope. Gastly and Haunter are two of the only three Ghosts in the game, so it's worthwhile to track them down. The one true ghost in the tower blocks access to the final floor, but since you can't do anything but run from it, it's best to ignore it for now. However, there are rumors of a Silph Scope prototype in Celadon City, so pack up and head west.

Route 8

Route 8

Celadon City lies off to the west, but Saffron City stands in the way. No one is currently allowed through the gate, so enter the building to the north and take the Underground Path that runs underneath Saffron. Remember to use the Itemfinder in the tunnel to search for lost valuables. You can find a nugget and an elixir if you spam the A button while walking straight left or right from the two sets of stairs. The tunnel emerges on Route 7.

Route 7

Route 7

This tiny route leads straight into Celadon City. The patch of tall grass is an easy way to raise your Pokémon, which should be close to level 30 before challenging the Celadon Gym.

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