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Name Selection

After a brief cutscene, press the A Button or Start on the title screen to reach the main menu. Option may be used to change settings like Text Speed. Select New Game and press the A Button. Players are first asked to choose their character's gender. Next, they must enter the current time. This influences certain events based on the time of day and day of the week. The famous Pokémon researcher, Professor Oak, appears and introduces new Trainers to the Pokémon world. Finally, the player is prompted to select their character's name from a list of preset options.

Default Names
Male Gold, Hiro, Taylor, Karl
Female Kris, Amanda, Juana, Jodi

To use a different name, move the cursor to New Name and press the A Button. On this screen, pressing the A Button will select a letter while pressing the B Button or selecting Del will delete the previous one. A custom name may be up to seven characters long. When ready, press Start or select End in the bottom-right corner. With that done, the player is transported into the world of Pokémon to begin their adventure!

New Bark Town

New Bark Town
Player's bedroom

The journey begins in New Bark Town, in the southeast part of the Johto region. It is a rather small, sleepy town with only four buildings. The northeastern house belongs to you and Mom, while the southern one is home to the resident researcher of the Johto region, Professor Elm. The large building to the north is Elm's Laboratory. The west side of town leads to the tall grasses of Route 29, and the waters to the east open up to Route 27.



The journey begins in your bedroom. Now that you can control your character, the various buttons and their effects are as follows:

Input Effect(s)
+Control Pad +Control Pad, Circle Pad Moves character; moves cursor in a menu
A Button A Button Interact with people and the environment; select menu options
B Button B Button Cancel a selection; exit a menu
Start Start, X Button Opens the main menu

The PC in the corner acts as your item storage. Since each pocket on your Pack can only hold 20 different items, it would be necessary to use or discard some before obtaining anything new. The PC can hold up to 50 different items. Deposit Item and Withdraw Item allow for moving items between inventory and storage, while Toss Item discards an item permanently. There is also a Mailbox function to store pieces of Mail, as well as a Decoration option.

To save the game, press Start to open the main menu, select Save, and then Yes. When the menu disappears, your progress is saved and it is safe to exit the game.

To go downstairs, step on the stairs in the northeast corner of the room.


Mom is sitting at the table, and tells you that Professor Elm has been looking for you. Before you can leave, she tells you that your Pokégear is back from the repair shop. This device initially acts as a clock, but can perform other functions with the necessary expansion cards. Mom helps you finish setting up the Clock function by asking about the day of the week and Daylight Saving Time.

To leave the house, step on the floor mat along the south wall and press Down on the +Control Pad.

The Spy

A young, red-haired man can be seen peering into Elm's Lab through a side window. If you try to speak to him, he shoves you back before returning to the window.

Professor Elm's Lab

Professor Elm has a favor to ask of you. A friend of his, nicknamed Mr. Pokémon, studies Pokémon as a hobby and regularly contacts the professor about his findings. Elm suggests that these discoveries are not usually as exciting as his friend makes them out to be, but believes that this time is different. However, he and his aides are busy with their research, so he asks that you go in his place. To accompany you on the trip, he lets you choose one of his rare Pokémon. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so simply choose the one that you like the best.

Grass Fire Water
Bayleef Bayleef Quilava Quilava Croconaw Croconaw
Grass Fire Water
Meganium Meganium Typhlosion Typhlosion Feraligatr Feraligatr
Grass Fire Water

After choosing your first partner Pokémon, Professor Elm asks if you would like to give it a nickname, which may be up to ten characters long. Elm informs you that Mr. Pokémon lives a short distance from Cherrygrove City, to the west of New Bark Town. He invites you to return at any time and use his PC to heal your Pokémon, and gives you his phone number to register in your Pokégear. As you leave the building, his aide gives you a Potion.

Route 29

Route 29

Route 29 is a hilly path that runs west from New Bark Town to Cherrygrove City. Westbound travelers must pass through patches of tall grass, while eastbound travelers can jump over a series of ledges to avoid these grasses and the wild Pokémon inside. To the north, Route 46 leads down from the mountains.

A Berry a Day

Examine the tree on the northwest hill to pick a Berry from it. There are several different types of Berry, each with its own restorative effect. This particular variety restores a Pokémon's HP by 10 points. Berries may be used by a Trainer, or consumed by a Pokémon during battle. Giving a natural item like this to a Pokémon to hold will let it use the item when it sees fit. Pokémon are unfamiliar with artificial items like Potions and cannot use them on their own. Berries grow back over time, so revisit the same tree the next day to find another one.

Cherrygrove City, Route 30, Mr. Pokémon's house Part 2 →

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