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Anna (Japanese: アンナ Anna) is a character who appeared in The Slugma-Powered Home, the fifth episode of the POKÉTOON animated shorts. She was seen visiting her grandparents' house and took a liking to the Slugma that was keeping the house warm. While she was dismayed that she could not touch Slugma due to its hot body, she was still happy to become friends with it by the end of the episode.



Ash's Darumaka, Minccino, and Joltik
Darumaka, Minccino, and Joltik
These Darumaka, Minccino, and Joltik belong to Anna's grandparents. As she went looking for Slugma, these Pokémon started to follow her.

None of their moves are known.

Debut The Slugma-Powered Home

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 三浦千幸 Chiyuki Miura
Italian Federica Valenti

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