Aipom (Duel 15)

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エイパム Eipam
Evolution stage 1
Figure name Aipom
Move Points 3
Normal Unknown
Rarity Uncommon
Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur
Version 1.0.0
ID 15
Time Booster League Beginner
Special Time Boosters None
Locked Booster Yes
Material Exchange
and Gem Exchange
450 Material
75 Gems
For more information on the Pokémon this figure depicts, see Aipom.

Aipom (Japanese: エイパム Eipam) is a figure in Pokémon Duel. It was made available in version 1.0.0.


Run Off はしりサル
Before using this Pokémon, you can switch its position with another one of your own Pokémon in an adjacent space.

Data Disk

Version 7.0.0

Duel Z-Move.png Breakneck Blitz ウルトラダッシュアタック 96 pt.
Pokémon knocked out by this Attack's damage are temporarily excluded from the duel, returning to the bench 7 turns later.
Miss ミス 20 pt.
Scratch ひっかく 56 pt.
Tail Smack しっぽでぶつ 20 pt.

Version 1.0.0-6.2.11

Miss ミス 20 pt.
Scratch ひっかく 56 pt.
Tail Smack しっぽでぶつ 20 pt.

Release information

This figure was available as a Reward for clearing Challenge 18 in Atlantis.



This figure is based on the Unnamed Third Set Aipom. Scratch is a move in the Pokémon games that Aipom can learn. Breakneck Blitz is a Z-Move in the games that Aipom can use by equipping Normalium Z.

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