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The Unnamed Third Set symbol

The Unnamed Third Set was to have been the second expansion set for the Pokémon Trading Figure Game. According to showcases held to promote the TFG, the set was scheduled to be released at some point in 2009. Speculation arose as to whether the set would actually be released when the ever-increasing delayed release date of Groundbreakers was pushed into 2009. This was realized upon the official cancellation of the TFG in the same year.


Several figures from this set on display before its release

Unlike Groundbreakers, there was no promotional material released regarding as to what the contents of this set would be, other than the figures that were showcased at game events in 2008. Despite this however, it was apparent that many of these figures were ready for distribution, if not in their final-design stages. After the cancellation of the TFG, many of these figures began to surface on auction sites and remain in circulation amongst the Pokémon collector community. The legitimacy of the figures from this set is still in question. In light of the evidence that the figure molds are of the same quality and have accompanying bases with details consistent with existing figures however, it is plausible that those that exist are part of a sample or pre-production run.

From the figures that have been obtained it is known that there were to be 42 new figures in total, matching the totals for the two previous sets; two new Special Conditions: Burned and Frozen; and a new attack area color: Gold, which from moves detailed on figure dials appear to be increased-priority moves. It is unknown if any Trainer cards were planned to accompany the expansion.

Figure list

No. Figure Name
1/42 Aipom
2/42 Aron
3/42 Bayleef
4/42 Bellsprout
5/42 Charmander
6/42 Corphish
7/42 Croconaw
8/42 Diglett
9/42 Drowzee
10/42 Entei
11/42 Exeggcute
12/42 Flareon
13/42 Golbat
14/42 Goldeen
15/42 Gyarados
16/42 Haunter
17/42 Heracross
18/42 Machamp
19/42 Magnemite
20/42 Marshtomp
21/42 Mawile
22/42 Mew
23/42 Minun
24/42 Nuzleaf
25/42 Pinsir
26/42 Plusle
27/42 Raikou
28/42 Rayquaza
29/42 Seviper
30/42 Sneasel
31/42 Snorlax
32/42 Suicune
33/42 Taillow
34/42 Tentacruel
35/42 Tropius
36/42 Tyranitar
37/42 Tyrogue
38/42 Whismur
39/42 Erika
40/42 Lt. Surge
41/42 Sean
42/42 Yellow

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