Active Healing (Skill)

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Active Healing 技使用時HP回復
HP Recovery when Using a Move
Flavor text
Passive Skill
Restores the user's HP when it uses a move.

Active Healing (Japanese: 技使用時HP回復 HP Recovery when Using a Move) is a family of skills in Pokémon Masters EX. It restores the user's HP by a small amount when the user successfully uses a move.



This skill has a chance to activate when the user successfully uses a move, restoring the user's HP by 6.3%. The chance for this skill to trigger is increased by 10% multiplied by the Skill rank Value + 1.

This skill affects the following:

  • Moves - Pokémon moves, including Buddy Move Icon Masters.png buddy moves, and Trainer moves
Skill rank Increase
Active Healing 1 20%
Active Healing 2 30%
Active Healing 3 40%
Active Healing 4 50%
Active Healing 5 60%
Active Healing 6 70%
Active Healing 7 80%
Active Healing 8 90%
Active Healing 9 100%


Active Healing 9

Sync pairs (Sync Grid - yellow tiles)


In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 技使用時HP回復 Waza Shiyō-ji HP Kaifuku
Mandarin Chinese 使出招式時HP回復 Shǐchū Zhāoshì shí HP Huífù
France Flag.png French Capacité Util. Soin
Germany Flag.png German Attackenheilung
Italy Flag.png Italian Uso mossacura
South Korea Flag.png Korean 기술사용시HP회복 Gisul Sayong-si HP Hoebok
Spain Flag.png Spanish Movimiento Curativo

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