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Marco Sabino (Japanese: まるくおさびの Maruko Sabinu) has been an user of Bulbapedia since June 2009. His favorite Pokémon is Bulbasaur and his favorite character of the Pokémon is Red. His real name is Marco Sabino, he is 16 years old and he lives in Brazil.


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Favourite Games/Things

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My first contact with the Pokémon Anime was on middle 1999's, when I was six. It was in a kids morning TV program called Eliana & Alegria. After some time, due to the lack of new episodes in open TV, I stopped to watch Pokemon until it started to be again shown in open TV, in 2005, with the Master Quest saga. Then, from 2006 to 2009 I become more interessed by the Pokémedia.

So, I set to play Pokémon games, and find in the internet more and more about this franchise. Somewhere around this "search", I arrived here, in Bulbapedia! It's so good because I now more about Pokémon and my favourite caracters etc.


I simply thought that Bulbapedia was a normal Pokémon Wiki, in first sight! In primary contacts, I used to read, read, and read much information as I could about Pokémon here. Then I decided to create an account in order to help this big community with the little that I can transmit. I liked so much and the rest is history.


Normally I choose Marco or the normal name as the Player's name. I do not have the practice of playing both of the first versions of every Generation, usually choosing that which call me more attention (combining aspects like version mascot, color, name, etc). The third version sometimes makes me playing it, because of it being sightly different from the other two, but it's not always. In-game, I prefer to choose the Grass-type starter, Chikorita being a notable exception. My teams tend to be balanced, generally with a Water-, a Flying-, a Grass-, an Rock-, a Dragon- and a Random-type. Obviously, this can change. I was somewhat-absent in Generation III games, because of my "absence from the Pokémon World" between 2002 and 2004.


In 2005~2006, I used to be member of Pokémon Village, and Brazilian fandom website, as News Editor and Webdesigner, besides other "functions". I participated also in Pokémon Special Brazilian (PSBR) fansub, helping in the Pokémon Special manga translation to portuguese.

Favorite Pokémon

I think that Venusaur rules! The best, in my opinion. Since I first saw it in a brazilian magazine about Pokémon, I liked it much! I don't know if I became identified with it or not, but for me it is one of the best Pokémon!

My favorite type, though, is the Grass-type. However, the Fire-type is also one of my favorites!

Among my favorites, there are (in numerical order, except for cross-generational evolution families):


SpecialShipping (Red and Yellow) - My favourite one, I like so much the two of them.


This user's first episode was Pokémon, I choose you. This user's first game was Pokémon Crystal. This user's first pokémon was Chikorita. This user's first Pokémon Card was the Legendary Mew Card. The first time Marco went to cinema was to watch Pokémon: The Movie.