Trouble in Big Town

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HS07 : Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 2)
Pokémon Chronicles
HS09 : Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 1)
Trouble in Big Town
Trouble in Big Town.png
We are the Pichu Brothers - Balloon Disturbance
First broadcast
Japan December 22, 2000
United States October 14, 2006
English themes
Opening Pokérap GS*
Pokémon Chronicles theme*
Japanese themes
Opening ピチュピカ♪スウィング
Ending ぼくらピチュピチュブラザーズ!
Animation ?
Screenplay 武上純希 Junki Takegami
Storyboard 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Assistant director 浅田裕二 Yūji Asada
Animation director 松原徳弘 Norihiro Matsubara
Additional credits

Trouble in Big Town (Japanese: ぼくたちピチューブラザーズ・風船騒動の巻 We are the Pichu Brothers - Balloon Disturbance) is the third episode of Pichu and Pikachu's Winter Vacation 2001 and the 20th episode of Pokémon Chronicles. It was first released in Japan on December 22, 2000. It first aired in the United Kingdom on September 21, 2005 and in the United States on October 14, 2006.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


The Pichu Bros. are having fun playing with Pokémon friends Smoochum, Magby, Wooper, and Teddiursa. But when the Pichu Bros. start to argue with each other, it gets out of control and everyone gets zapped with electricity! That stuns the Pichu Bros., and one Pichu falls on a skateboard that rolls away. It rolls so far away, nobody knows where that Pichu is. When Pichu wakes up, it starts to return to its friends, but gets distracted when it sees a balloon seller. Pichu tries to take all the balloons, except the balloons end up taking Pichu for a ride up into the sky!

Meanwhile, Pichu's brother and the other Pokémon have found the skateboard, but no sign of the missing Pichu. As they search the area, the lost Pichu spots them and cries for help. Even though they hear it, they don't think to look up. Once they do spot Pichu, the breeze keeps blowing Pichu further and further away. The Pokémon friends chase after it, but they end up stumbling across a grumpy Houndour, falling into a canal, and being saved by a Feraligatr—while Pichu is still stuck floating through the air.

A Murkrow sees the balloons and begins to pop them with its beak. This means Pichu is losing altitude, but not fast enough—the last balloon pops when Pichu still has a long way to fall! Luckily, Teddiursa and Wooper are there to cushion the fall, and everyone returns to their alley hangout. The Pichu Bros. start fighting again, and Magby brings in Azumarill to help stop the fight. But when the Pichu Bros. accidentally zap everyone, Azumarill is the angriest one of all! And once Azumarill is mad enough use Water-type attacks, Smoochum and Magby lose their temper and start using attacks too. But the combination of water, ice, and fire creates twisting ice slides, and soon the fighting is forgotten. It's time for everyone to have fun playing on the slides, the way things should be!


Among the bustling metropolis of Big Town is the Pichu Brothers, who often spend their time playing with their friends in the tire playground. The pair call out to their friends, with Smoochum, Magby, Wooper and Teddiursa all rushing over. They all clamber onto the seesaw, with Teddiursa, who arrives later than everyone else, leaping on and sending Wooper flying as a result. After Wooper successfully slides down the slide, the others decide to have a go. Pichu Little who is impatient decides he will go first, and marches ahead of the queue. However Pichu Big pulls it aside, except Pichu Little slips down, sparking an argument as a result. Magby steps in to intervene, but the Pichu shove it aside, sending Magby plummeting to the ground. Magby gets fired up, but Wooper douses it with Water Gun to stop the situation escalating.

As the Pichu Brothers are still arguing, Smoochum decides to stop them. However the Pichu reply with an Electric attack, shocking everyone in the area, and dizzying themselves from the exertion. Then Pichu Little falls backwards down the slide, flies off the end into some junk and emerges flat out on a skateboard and Wooper jumps on a roller-skate and chases after him. The pair roll down a steep hill, narrowly avoid a busy road of traffic and into a park. In a park flower bed, Azumarill stops making her daisy chain and uses Water Gun to rescue Wooper and Pichu from an oncoming truck. Pichu Little awakens, but quickly recalls the earlier argument with his brother and gets angry. Meanwhile back in the playground, Pichu Big wakes up and looks for his brother and is upset he has disappeared.

Pichu Little's anger quickly subsides when he spots a bunch of helium balloons. As Pichu and Wooper inch closer, they notice the vendor is fast asleep. Pichu Little unties the balloons and is lifted into the air while Wooper looks on in confusion. Pichu Big, Magby, Smoochum and Teddiursa however have entered the park in their search for Pichu Little and start calling out for him. Azumarill is still tending to her flowers as Pichu and the others walk past, spy the skateboard, and roller-skate. They then run across the road to them thinking Pichu's younger brother must be near. Azumarill then appears, and points them directly to where Pichu Little and Wooper headed. Teddiursa becomes distracted when its spots a whole load of nuts scattered on the ground. It sits down to tuck in, but gather its food supply up after spotting a passing Murkrow.

Meanwhile, Pichu Little shouts for help as he floats above the park. Pichu Big turns around just at the wrong moment, narrowly missing his brother. Elsewhere Wooper walks alongside a lake while nearby Pichu Big and company are looking near a building in the park. There, Smoochum suddenly spots Pichu Little floating in the sky and his older brother calls out to him. Suddenly a gust of wind catches the balloons Pichu is holding, blowing him directly into some paint cans left atop the building’s scaffolding. He knocks them over one by one, causing Pichu and the others to run away from them. And as they jump off the end of a plank, they all bounce off Houndour's head as it just happens to be sleeping there. Houndour wakes up angry, only to be covered in yellow paint. Pichu Big, Smoochum and Magby run away only to notice Pichu Little has been blown into the distance. Houndour shakes off the paints and begins pursuing the Posse, leading to a riverside walkway. Pichu Big and the others suddenly skid to a halt at a dead end until Houndour skids into them knocking them all into the river.

A Feraligatr notices the Pokémon being carried off by the current, so it dives in and rescues them. With a flick of its tail, Pichu Big and friends land safely while Houndour bounces off a shop canopy onto a pavement where a Snorlax rolls over and squashes it.

Meanwhile back in the park Wooper is distracted as it swims around the fountain pool while Pichu Little struggles to hang onto the balloon string. A mischievous Murkrow makes things only more difficult, when it begins popping the balloons. Teddiursa is now carrying his collected nuts and puts them in the mouth of a Magikarp statue. It then hears Pichu Little as he descends, sending Teddiursa into a panic. Teddiursa then spots Wooper, and instantly grabs it. Pichu Little begins to fall rapidly after Murkrow pops the final balloon. Before he hits the ground, Teddiursa then gets Wooper to use Water Gun for a softer landing. However Wooper runs out of water making it dizzy-eyed, causing Pichu to fall onto Wooper and Teddiursa. They then all laugh and walk back to the Pichu's den where Pichu Big is standing with his arms folded and tapping his foot along with an unhappy Smoochum and Magby.

The Pichu Brothers start arguing again and Teddiursa starts running around while Smoochum tells Magby to go get some help quick. So Magby runs off and fetched Azumarill. Azumarill tells them to stop except when the Pichu Brother shock each other Azumarill ends up being hit by a stray Spark. The Pichu Brothers make themselves faint again from their electricity. As Magby, Smoochum, and Teddiursa try to wake them up, Azumarill is now very angry for being shocked and they run off leaving the brothers lying flat on the ground. Chaos quickly descends as Azumarill accidentally lashes Smoochum and the others with a Water Gun. Annoyed that he makeup is ruined, Smoochum using an Icy Wind attack everywhere. Now every time Azumarill uses her Water Gun it gets frozen by Smoochum's Icy Wind. A bit of ice falls and hits Magby on the head, which gets it angry and it starts aiming Flamethrower everywhere. Magby's Flamethrower carves the ice into a slide until the whole place is covered with an icy slide. This makes the Pokémon stop what they're doing and forget about everything as they gaze at the beautiful sight.

They all decide to go on the frozen slide and line up. Like before, Pichu Little tries to go first, but Pichu Big reminds him about not pushing in and he embarrassedly agrees. With that, everyone goes on the whirling slide and has fun.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts



  • Balloon Man
  • Boys



  • This episode was released between EP178 and EP179 in Japan.
  • The narrator reads the title card of this episode.
  • The flying balloons give an unexplained "humming" sound. This is an example of anime physics.
  • Feraligatr may be a reference to the urban legend about sewer alligators.
  • In Japan, this short was included as a bonus feature on the DVD release of PK13.


  • After Pichu Big regains consciousnesses, the narrator mistakenly refers to Pichu Big as Pichu Little.
  • In the scene where Pichu Little is sneaking towards the balloons, Wooper says its name, but its lips do not move.

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HS07 : Of Meowth and Pokémon (Part 2)
Pokémon Chronicles
HS09 : Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 1)
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