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Tierra (Japanese: ナツキ Natsuki) is the character of the day in the anime who appeared in the episode Control Freak!.

She is an archaeologist who was trying to find a secret chamber in which a magical mask having the power to control the minds of Pokémon was supposed to be placed.

Ash, Misty and Brock first met her when Brock's Golbat flew away while they were having a meal. Brock followed Golbat and he came across Tierra. lying unconscious. Brock, as always, immediately fell for her and helped her regain her senses. Tierra was then introudeced to Ash and Misty.

Later, the four managed to find out the magical mask Tierra was seeking, only for Jessie to steal it and use the power of the mask to control Brock's Geodude and Onix, Ash's Pikachu, and Misty's Togepi. Brock's Golbat managed to break through the power of the mask, but was attacked by Geodude and Onix and was buried under rubble. Brock risked his life to dig out Golbat because of this, it evolved into Crobat and blasted Team Rocket away. After that, Tierra kept the mask for further study and the group waved goodbye to her as they continued their journey to Olivine City.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 根谷美智子 Michiko Neya
English Amy Birnbaum
European Spanish Pepa Castro


  • Tierra's name may come from the word tiara, a symbol of power, similar to the mask in the episode she appeared in. It may also come from the latin word terra, meaning "earth". This may come from the fact that, being an archeologist, she works with earth.
    • However, in the European Spanish dub she was named Marina, which means "from the sea", possibly because Tierra is not a given name in Spain, but a common noun ("earth").

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