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The Ultimate Challenge
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Artist Erin Bowman
Composer John Loeffler David Wolfert

The Ultimate Challenge is a song that was used as an insert frequently in the English dub towards the end of the Diamond & Pearl series.

The most notable instances of its usage was in the final moments of Dawn's battle against Zoey in the final round of the Sinnoh Grand Festival and the quarter-final match between Ash and Paul in the Lily of the Valley Conference. While the song with lyrics was used for the former, an instrumental was used for the latter. The song was also used during Ash and Conway's match in the Lily of the Valley Conference.


This, this is the moment,
The one we've waited for,
This, the Ultimate Challenge,
A chance we can't ignore.
And skills to play the game.
Each will commit it.
It will be an honor to our name.
Always been the best of friends,
Fighting now to the end.
Never scared along the way.
Fighting to defend, hey.
This, this is the moment.
The ultimate moment.
We have the courage to survive.

This, this is the challenge.
The ultimate challenge.
This is the moment of our lives.


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