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Shingo (Japanese: シンゴ Shingo) is a character of the day who appeared in Wired For Battle!.

He is the son and student of a great Pokémon Trainer that was once an equal of the Elite Four, Muramasa. Shingo maintained a laptop database on all other Pokémon Trainers who were registered with the Pokémon League.

Shingo saw most battles as a waste of time, operating under the belief that he could predict the outcome of any battle just by analyzing the data on his database. Team Rocket attempted to steal the database, but his Scizor swiftly defeated all five of their Pokémon, prompting Ash to convince him once again to battle him by pointing out that data couldn't predict how the battle would affect the Trainer.

In the subsequent battle, Shingo's Scizor was pitted against Ash's Heracross. Heracross possessed sufficient speed and defensive abilities to oppose Scizor. Although Shingo's database initially helped him calculate what attack would work best against Heracross, Ash began to use more unorthodox strategies, such as telling Heracross to wait for Scizor to attack it rather than simply trying to attack itself. As a result, Shingo found himself unable to look at the computer and the battle at the same time. After Scizor was defeated, he realized that he needed to rethink his fighting strategy and thus abandoned his database project.


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Blade (Japanese: ブレード Blade) is Shingo's Scizor. It first appeared when Team Rocket had stolen his laptop. He used Blade to get it back and sent Team Rocket blasting off. Blade battled against Ash's Heracross and proved to be a strong opponent, taking away nearly half of Heracross's HP with a single Quick Attack, as seen on Shingo's laptop. However, Heracross was able to overpower Blade using unorthodox tactics and its sheer strength to win the battle.

Blade's known moves are Quick Attack, Metal Claw, Agility, and False Swipe.

Debut Wired For Battle!
Voice actors
English Eric Stuart

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 千葉進歩 Susumu Chiba
English Dan Green
Arabic طارق كعكاتي Tariq Kaakati
European French Gaëtan Wenders
Hebrew מירון אהרונוביץ Meron Aharonovich
Italian Gualtiero Scola (Mediaset dub)
Renato Novara (TPCi dub)
Polish Robert Ostolski
Brazilian Portuguese Vágner Fagundes
Spanish Latin America Carlos Hugo Hidalgo
Spain Juan Sainz Maza



Language Name Origin
Japanese ブレード Blade From ブレード blade
English, German, Italian, European Spanish Blade From blade
Finnish Tikari From tikari, dagger
French Couteaux From couteaux, knives
Latin American Spanish Navaja From navaja, razor


  • In the English dub of the anime, Shingo is only stated to be Muramasa's student rather than his son.

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