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ラッちゃん Ratchan
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Yellow's Raticate
Debuts in Drat That Dratini!
Caught at Viridian Forest
Evolves in Can't Catch Caterpie?
Gender Male
Ability Guts
Nature Hardy
Current location With Yellow
HOME019.png HOME020.png
This Pokémon spent 17 chapters as Rattata.

Ratty (Japanese: ラッちゃん Ratchan) is a Raticate that Yellow owns in Pokémon Adventures and her first Pokémon. He is the only Pokémon she caught and didn’t release until Kitty. As of A Well-Journeyed Jumpluff, he is at level 25, and his Characteristic is that he is "highly persistent."


Red, Green & Blue arc

As a Rattata

Ratty first appeared as a Rattata in Drat That Dratini! as one of the many Pokémon living in Viridian Forest. When Red met Yellow, he lent her his Pikachu, Pika, to capture her first Pokémon, which happened to be Rattata. With Red's guidance, Rattata was captured as Yellow's Pokémon.

Yellow arc

In Cloystered, Ratty helped Yellow in her escape from Lorelei and her Ice-type Pokémon. When Yellow and Bill were trapped by a chunk of ice Ratty slips underneath it and uses Hyper Fang to drop it into the river, allowing them to escape.

In Paras Sight, Ratty battled alongside Dody against Super Nerd Miles in an attempt to rescue Pika. Completely pinned by Miles's attack, Yellow decides to give herself up to Marowak's Bonemerang, recalling Ratty and Dody before taking a direct hit to the chest. Although injured, Yellow attaches Ratty and Dody's Poké Balls to the bone, which come swinging back at him. Ratty and Dody then get released and help Pika to escape. When Miles pursue them the three release a combo attack, with Ratty breaking apart a nearby building with his teeth, Dody kicking them in the air, and Pika electrifying them and sending it at Miles, defeating him.

In Can't Catch Caterpie!, Ratty battled a wild Caterpie that Yellow wished to catch. The two spent all day trying but could not find a way to do it without hurting him. Blue eventually steps in and helps the two capture Caterpie. After the battle, Ratty evolves into a Raticate, much to Yellow’s shock and initial dismay. By the next morning, she had recovered from the trauma and declared that regardless of his appearance, Ratty is still the same Ratty, and it would not bother her anymore.

Ratty and Yellow

Shortly after evolving, Ratty gnawed the sinking S.S. Anne in two to help Yellow defeat Ken, Al, and Harry.

Ratty battling Lance

In Eradicate Raticate!, Ratty is sent out alongside his teammates to battle against Lance and his Dragonite. Ratty attacks with a Super Fang, but Dragonite simply shrugs it off and throws Ratty away. He is later used in a team attack to try and stop Lance from shooting bubbles. Yellow had Kitty cover the volcano crater in String Shot to form a net that is doused by her Omny's water, linked to Ratty's sensitive whiskers. Upon Lance triggering the net, Ratty signals to Pika to send electricity down the net, forcing Lance's bubble into view. Yellow then orders Dody to break the bubble with Drill Peck, but the attack proves too weak.

In The Might of... Metapod?!, Ratty participated along the rest of Yellow's team to battle Lance and assisted in defeating his team.

Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

In Hello, Lickitung, a group of Lickitung held Yellow captive after growing attracted to Megaree's fragrance. In order to escape, Yellow attached Ratty's Poké Ball to her fishing line and had him run circles around the Licking Pokémon to ensnare them. This caused the Lickitung to stumble and drop Yellow and Megaree.

In The Last Battle VII, Ratty was seen defending the Day Care Center with the rest of her Pokémon from the half-masked Team Rocket Grunts.

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

In Down-for-the-Count Deoxys, Ratty helped open a way onto the Team Rocket airship.

Personality and characteristics

Being Yellow's first Pokémon, the two of them share a strong bond, evident by the fact that Yellow releases those she does not consider her friend. After Ratty evolved, though, Yellow tended to use her other Pokémon for battle. Typical of his species, he has incredibly tough teeth, which are capable of tearing through steel.

Moves used

Ratty Rattata Hyper Fang.png
Using Hyper Fang as a Rattata
Move First Used In
Hyper Fang Cloystered
Super Fang Eradicate Raticate!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • The statistics shown at the end of Volume 5 of VIZ Media's second edition show that Ratty evolved into his Raticate stage around Lv. 10 contrary to the games where a Rattata evolves at level 20. This is due to an error in listing both Ratty and Yellow's Doduo, Dody, at the same level in Volume 4.
  • Ratty is Yellow's only Pokémon who did not evolve in The Might of... Metapod?!.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ラッちゃん Ratchan From コラッタ Koratta (Rattata)
English, Spanish, Italian, Czech Ratty From Rattata
French Rattinou* From Rattata
German Ratzi From Rattfratz (Rattata)
Chinese (Mandarin) 小拉拉 Xiǎolālā From 小拉達 Xiǎolādá (Rattata)
Brazilian Portuguese Rattatinho From Rattata
Vietnamese Bé Rat Transliteration of his Japanese name

See also

For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Rattata and Raticate.

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