Pokémon Pocket Comics: Black & White

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Pokémon Pocket Comics: Black & White (Japanese: ポケモンBW 爆笑4コマまんが全集 Pokémon Black & White Laughter 4Koma Comic Compilation) is a Pokémon 4Koma manga created by Santa Harukaze. Released by VIZ Media in October 2013, Pokémon Pocket Comics: Black & White was the first Pokémon 4Koma manga to be officially translated into English by any company.


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
First Edition by Shogakukan First
Japan Shogakukan July 4, 2011 ISBN 4092812167
First Edition by VIZ Media First
United States VIZ Media October 1, 2013 ISBN 1421559102


Each comic in the series represents a Pokémon from the Unova Pokédex, illustrating an attribute or special ability of each Pokémon using a humorous cartoon (Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect are excluded). The series primarily uses slapstick as a source of humour. All the Pokémon are depicted as being able to talk, and no human characters appear in the series.

In addition to the manga pages, the volume also includes a type chart, Pokémon trivia quizzes next to each comic, and listings such as "Top 3 Heaviest Pokémon", "Top 3 Smallest Pokémon", etc.


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