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Dusknoir, the mysterious Pokémon

You wake up to a revitalizing morning, with the sun shining on your face. You head to the market, and the Marill brothers claim they've lost a precious item called the Water Float. You say that you try to help, and return to the guild. As you head out the guild again, you see a quarrel between Loudred and Diglett. Diglett can't identify the visitor's footstep. Chatot goes to investigate, and sees a Pokémon. He exclaims that it's Dusknoir. Everyone except for you and your partner sputters in utter astonishment. Chimecho explains the whole story, about Dusknoir being a great explorer.

After the usual night-time talk between the player and his/her partner, Team Skull are seen outside the guild, plotting to get revenge on the guild for what happened during the expedition. Zubat then says that instead of getting everyone, they should just take their fury out on the player's team.

The next day, a visitor arrives for your team. It turns out to be Marill and Azurill, who have apparently seen the Water Float at the beach. However, when you go over to check, a ransom note is found, saying that the writer has hidden it in Amp Plains. Marill and Azurill ask you to get it for them, since they are Water types and Amp Plains is filled with Electric types, which they are weak to.

Amp Plains

Now you're ready to explore! Like usual, grab all of the necessary items and be sure to deposit all of your money at Duskull bank. If you can, try to squeeze in some extra missions, but if you are the "get it over with" kind of person, you'd want to gather any Ground type partner Pokémon. Starting in this dungeon will be monster houses, rooms entirely filled with enemies. Also, be very cautious about your health, as the moment you walk in, the room will be filled, so all of your partners will be outside the room, and all of the enemies will attack you. If you are a Water type, like Totodile, try to let your partner do all the work.


Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Plusle (Pokémon) Plusle 1-5 19 8.2%
Minun (Pokémon) Minun 1-5 19 8.2%
Mareep (Pokémon) Mareep 1-7 17 8.2%
Phanpy (Pokémon) Phanpy 1-8 17 8.2%
Elekid (Pokémon) Elekid 1-8 14-15 8.2%
Shinx (Pokémon) Shinx 4-11 16-18 8.2%
Girafarig (Pokémon) Girafarig 5-16 17-18 6.4%
Zapdos (Pokémon) Zapdos 7 49 10% *
Flaaffy (Pokémon) Flaaffy 8-15 18-19 0.5%
Pikachu (Pokémon) Pikachu 9-14 36 8.2%
Pichu (Pokémon) Pichu 9-14 12 5.1%
Yanmega (Pokémon) Yanmega 9-14 18-20 -10%
Electabuzz (Pokémon) Electabuzz 10-19 21-22 0.5%
Tauros (Pokémon) Tauros 11-19 19-20 6.4%
Dodrio (Pokémon) Dodrio 12-19 23 0.5%
Electrike (Pokémon) Electrike 13-21 21 6.4%
Luxio (Pokémon) Luxio 15-19 13 0.5%
Luxray (Pokémon) Luxray 15-19 43 -4.5%
Ampharos (Pokémon) Ampharos 16-19 20 -4.5%

You rush to the Plains in search of the Water Float. When you reach the furthest point(Far Amp Plains Peak), you and your partner will find that the Water Float is sitting just a bit further away. As the two of you walk over to get it, all of a sudden a hostile tribe of Luxray and Shinx (Explorers of Darkness and Time) or Manetric and Electrike (Explorers of Sky, due to Shinx becoming a starter) appear and attack you with no warning. Your team eventually defeats them, and then Dusknoir shows up. After he appears, the tribe leaves, allowing you to retrieve the Water Float. Dusknoir figures out that Team Skull were the cruel Pokémon that did this, and forces them to come out of hiding. It turned out that Team Skull was watching the battle the entire time, and they were the ones who put the Water Float there to mess with the player and partner. But when Dusknoir seemingly challenges them to a battle, they run off. The partner asked why the tribe attacked, and Dusknoir replies it's because the tribe is often chased around, and this is the one place they can find shelter in the season. After that, you, your partner, and Dusknoir leave to return the Water Float.

After that, your partner asks Dusknoir about the player's ability to see visions from the past or future, and that he or she was originally a human. Dusknoir looks shocked and then says that it's a special ability known as the Dimensional Scream, and explains a little more about it. Then Dusknoir asks the player's name, and it is hinted that when he got the name, he had a faint smile (This is even referenced in the portrait seen).

After that, you see lots of Pelipper in the sky and Bidoof comes with an important announcement. You, the partner, and Dusknoir head back to the guild to see what is the matter, and this starts the next chapter.

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