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The Outlaw

Bidoof takes you, your partner and Dusknoir back to the guild. All of the apprentices, as well as Wigglytuff and Chatot are gathered near Chimecho Assembly. Finally, Chatot explains that another Time Gear was stolen! Even more astonishing, it was the one from Fogbound Lake! After your partner assumes an apprentice leaked the secret, and the apprentices yell back, Dusknoir begins to get suspicious about the expedition, so Wigglytuff is forced to tell. As Uxie was attacked by the thief, he had seen the outlaw. As the apprentices look at the outlaws notice board, you see that the outlaw is a Pokémon called Grovyle. As the apprentices make angry and sad remarks, Wigglytuff's rage begins to build. Finally, he explodes into a armada of encouraging statements. Chatot, under the order of Wigglytuff, announces that full support belongs to Grovyle's capture. Now Chatot sends your twosome to gather items in preparation for Grovyle's capture...

Finally, Chatot and Dusknoir have finished coming up with locations of possible Time Gears. Chatot assigns Loudred and Corphish to the Eastern Forest, Bidoof, Sunflora and Dugtrio to Crystal Cave, and your team is assigned to the Northern Desert. Once again, you may choose to slack off and continue requested jobs, or get ready for the Northern Desert!

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