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Marill and Azurill

The next morning, Chatot calls you to another Job board, the Outlaw board. Since catching thieves and wanted Pokémon is more than finding someone's lost item, Chatot calls in Bidoof, a fellow guild member, to give you a tour of the guild and Treasure Town. Bidoof is very excited that he finally has guild members junior to him. He shows you the services in the town:

Main article: Treasure Town
  • Duskull Bank- where you can store your Poké so that it isn't lost when you are defeated in a dungeon.
  • The Kecleon Shop and Kecleon wares- where you can buy items, TMs and Wonder orbs for your explorations.
  • Kangaskhan Storage- where you can store items so that they are not lost when you are defeated in a dungeon.

Note: There are other buildings in town i.e. Marowak Dojo, The Electivire Link Shop, Xatu Appraisal and Chansey Daycare, but they cannot be accessed at this point in the game.

After visiting the Kecleon shop, a Marill and his brother Azurill come to buy an apple, though the Kecleon brothers gives an extra one as a gift. As Marill and Azurill leave, Azurill trips and drops an apple. You pick up the apple and you encounter a very strange felling. You black out and you hear a Pokémon scream for help. The you share this hearing but nobody else heard it and everyone is confused. Anyways, you head back to the guild and Drowzee offers to help the Marill and Azurill brothers find something they lost. The brothers leave with Drowzee and Drowzee accidentally bumps into you. You again, feel strange and this time you see a vision of Drowzee threatening Azurill and Azurill screaming for help. You share this with your partner and you decide that Drowzee couldn't be a bad Pokémon because he was so nice to the brothers before. These hearings and visions are the first of many Dimensional Screams which will be told to you later. Bidoof and your team go back to the Guild.


At the guild, Dugtrio, another guild member, will update the outlaw board. After the update, Bidoof will help chose an outlaw for you to arrest. Your partner will see Drowzee and your team will rush out. On the way out, Marill tells you that Drowzee and Azurill went to a place called Mt. Bristle.

Mt. Bristle

Floors: 9 + peak
Boss: DrowzeeMD096F.png Level: 12
Predominant type: None

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Machop (Pokémon) Machop 1-9 6-7 8.2%
Geodude (Pokémon) Geodude 1-9 6-7 8.2%
Doduo (Pokémon) Doduo 1-9 7-8 6.4%
Spinarak (Pokémon) Spinarak 1-9 7-8 6.4%
Starly (Pokémon) Starly 1-9 8-9 8.2%
Nidorina (Pokémon) Nidorina 4-9 5-6 0.5%
Nidorino (Pokémon) Nidorino 4-9 5-6 0.5%

At the peak, you will find Drowzee threatening Azurill just like in your vision. Then you battle him. After you defeat him, Magnezone, the town sheriff, introduces himself and takes over. Marill and Azurill are united. Since Drowzee had a bounty over his head, you get 300 of the 3000 Poké reward. Also, your treasure bag is enlarged and can now carry 24 items, instead of the 16 before. After dinner, your partner talks to you about the Time Gears. At the same time, a mysterious figure steals one from a forest.

Board Missions

The next two days allow for you to get a taste of what life is like in the Wigglytuff Guild. You and your partner do a mission and/or bounty from the request board, go back to the guild, eat, and then sleep. The next day, do the mission type that was not done the day before (so if you did a request now do a bounty) and return home. The day after will lead you into the next chapter.

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