Appendix:Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky walkthrough/Chapter 2

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Wigglytuff's Guild


A close-up of the guild is shown. Your partner gathers up the courage and stands on the grate, where the Sentry Diglett successfully identifies your partner. However, he is unsure of your identity at first. You are afterwards allowed in.

Ground Floor

Your partner will exclaim about the stairs leading underground. You will be automatically sent to the lower floor


The place will be crowded. Soon, Chatot will greet you, and mistaken you for a marketer. After your partner says he is here to apply for training, Chatot is a little astounded about how two young Pokémon are joining the guild, despite the rough training. Afterwards, you will be sent to the lower floor.


Your partner will first be amazed by how the outside could be seen two floors underground. Chatot explains how, and you are sent to the Guildmaster Wigglytuff's room.

Wigglytuff's Chamber

Wigglytuff will surprise you, and ask you for a name to register. The default is "PokéPals". After registering, you are granted with a Kit containing a Treasure Bag, a Badge and a Wonder Map. The Treasure Bag has a Bow with the color you obtained in the personality test, such as Fuchsia Bow when you get a "Vivid Pink" aura. This item is exquisitely rare so be careful. You also get a Scarf of a random type.

Crew Room

You are sent to your room. Take a good night sleep.

Tip: You can save the game by going on your bed.

Main Room

After doing the morning salutations, just walk around a little and Chatot will get you upstairs.


After going to the board on the left, Chatot will choose you a job about Spoink who lost his pearl. Your partner gets aggravated about how they take a simple job rather than exploring, only to receive Chatot's shouting. Oh well, time to go to Drenched Bluff!

Drenched Bluff

This is going to be a little harder. You need to go through 6 floors. Nothing much either about this dungeon really, so advance to B7F. You'll find the Pearl. Now, get out of the dungeon.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Anorith (Pokémon) Anorith 1-6 3-4 8.2%
Shellos (Pokémon) Shellos
West Sea
1-6 4-5 6.4%
Lileep (Pokémon) Lileep 1-6 3-4 6.4%
Chingling (Pokémon) Chingling 3-6 4-5 8.2%

Wigglytuff's Guild


Magically, you are suddenly getting thanked by Spoink in the guild. Weird. He gives you 4 medicines: Protein, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and a whopping 2000 Poké! Your partner is like "Yay, I'm rich" when Chatot suddenly takes 90% of the money, saying this is a guild rule. So deal with it when you get to choose jobs in the future, and keep in mind you only get 10%. Whatever.


Then, after gobbling up, go to sleep. Congratulations, you have ended the shortest chapters in this game.

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