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Hi, I am Arceus97 and a big fan of Pokémon. I Absolutely LOVE Fire-types including Ninetales, Blaziken, Vulpix, Ulgamoth, Shandera, Flareon, Reshiram and the like. My first experience with Pokémon was in 2004 when a friend of mine showed me her collection of TCG cards(about 200). I was almost instantly hooked. I got most of my original cards from her(which included the EX Emerald versions of Ninetales and Blaziken), and now have a collection of over 2500. I got my first Pokémon game in 2009(Platinum). Since then I have acquired Emerald, SoulSilver, Red, FireRed(Possibly temporary), Yellow and Black.

Shiny Pokémon of the Day!
May 27, 2015
293 s.png
Battle Team
Game: Pokémon Black Version Version: North American
598.png 637.png 615.png 635.png 567.png 604.png
Poké Ball summary IV.png Ferrothorn Poké Ball summary IV.png Volcarona Poké Ball summary IV.png Cryogonal Poké Ball summary IV.png Hydreigon Poké Ball summary IV.png Acrheops Poké Ball summary IV.png Eelektross
Spikes Quiver Dance Rapid Spin Dragon Pulse Stone Edge Wild Charge
Stealth Rock Fiery Dance Reflect Dark Pulse Acrobatics Brick Break
Toxic Bug Buzz Ice Beam Flamethrower Crunch Dragon Claw
Bulldoze Psychic Night Slash Flash Cannon Earthquake Crunch
Bag Quick Claw Sprite.png Quick Claw Bag Expert Belt Sprite.png Expert Belt Bag Leftovers Sprite.png Leftovers Bag Wise Glasses Sprite.png Wise Glasses No Item Bag Shell Bell Sprite.png Shell Bell

Battle Team
Game: Pokémon Platinum Version Version: North American
135 s.png 003 s.png 350 s.png 490 s.png 197 s.png 384 s.png
Poké Ball summary IV.png Jolteon Poké Ball summary IV.png Venusaur Poké Ball summary IV.png Milotic Poké Ball summary IV.png Manaphy Poké Ball summary IV.png Umbreon Poké Ball summary IV.png Rayquaza
Thunderbolt Leech Seed Aqua Ring Surf Mean Look Dragon Dance
Thunder Wave Toxic Ice Beam Tail Glow Double Team Dragon Claw
Shadow Ball Sludge Bomb Surf Ice Beam Sucker Punch Earthquake
Signal Beam Energy Ball Recover Energy Ball Confuse Ray Fire Blast
Bag Metronome Sprite.png Metronome Bag Shell Bell Sprite.png Shell Bell Bag Leftovers Sprite.png Leftovers Bag Wise Glasses Sprite.png Wise Glasses Bag Lax Incense Sprite.png Lax Incense Bag Expert Belt Sprite.png Expert Belt

  Shiny Pokémon:  
448 s.png

Generation I Generation II Generation III Generation IV Generation V
February 27, 1996

November 20, 1999
1363 days
November 21, 1999

November 20, 2002
1096 days
November 21, 2002

September 27, 2006
1407 days
September 28, 2006

September 17, 2010
1451 days
September 18, 2010

May 27, 2015
1712 days
September 1, 1998

October 14, 2000
775 days
October 15, 2000

March 16, 2003
883 days
March 17, 2003

April 21, 2007
1497 days
April 22, 2007

March 6, 2011
1414 days
March 6, 2011

May, 27, 2015
1543 days
Generation I Generation II Generation III Generation IV Generation V

Spr 5b 038 s.png Ninetales                 Lv 100