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Template talk:Pocket Monsters Characters

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change template layout

the current layout is very plain. we should update it to something like this:

PM GreenBlueYellowGoldSilver
Professor OakBill
BrockMistyLt. SurgeErikaSabrinaKogaBlaineGiovanniLoreleiAgathaBrunoLance
Professor ElmEarlKurtDJ MaryChairmanKiyo
PMRS RubySapphireRedBlue
Professor BirchMr. StoneMr. BrineyMaxieRydelScott
PMDP Kazuki
Professor RowanLooker
PMBW BlackBiancaCheren
Professor JuniperNCedric JuniperGhetsis

still need fixing though. main characters first row, followed by the individual series. in each series, game characters first (players + rivals), other characters, then gym leaders and elite four. the PM series is kanto first, then johto. we might need a HGSS row if there are new characters there. togepi is listed as a main characters in the characters page, so it is at the main character row with clefairy and others. please comment on it-Pokeant (talk) 05:25, 23 December 2012 (UTC)