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Outlasting Ledian/VS. Ledian
VS レディアン
VS. Redian
Chapter Platinum
Collected in Vol. 39
Round number 428
Location Battle Frontier
Previous Round Uprooting Seedot
Next Round Dealing with Dragonite

Outlasting Ledian/VS. Ledian (Japanese: VS レディアン VS. Redian) is the 428th round of the Platinum chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


The chapter opens with Darach staring off toward the Battle Factory. Then, Caitlin finds Darach and strikes up a conversation about Platinum, who has already defeated Dahlia and is continuing to challenge Thorton, the leader of the Battle Factory. Caitlin is inspired by Platinum to try Pokémon Battling, when suddenly she starts repeating the word "fight", with her psychic powers, and scares Darach. He then reminds Caitlin it is afternoon tea time, and asks what kind of scones she wants, which calms her down. Darach, walking down a hallway, receives a call from Palmer.

The scene changes to Platinum's battle with Thorton, in the Battle Factory. Thorton compliments Platinum's tactics against his rented Tyranitar, which then continues to Platinum's Kadabra, being damaged by Tyranitar's Ability, Sand Stream. Thorton questions Platinum, asking if she is going to switch her Pokémon, which he adds that her Pokémon will be hit by the sandstorm anyway. Platinum replies and says she is not going to switch out her Pokémon, while Kadabra punches Tyranitar in the stomach, fainting it in the process. Thorton continues making strategies, and chooses to send out Ledian, and Platinum does the same and sends out Qwilfish. It continues to use Rollout, but Thorton switches Pokémon again, and an Ursaring appears. He explains that he used Agility and transferred that speed by using Baton Pass, while Ursaring uses Earthquake and knocks out Qwilfish. Thorton sends out Ledian again but is poisoned and becomes knocked out. Kadabra and Ursaring battle through a boxing match. Kadabra drops its spoon and Thorton thinks he's won. Then Palmer and Argenta appear, saying that the challenger wins. Kadabra was using Drain Punch the whole time. Thorton throws a tantrum, but Argenta calms him down.

Palmer continues to speak of Platinum's strategy of using Kadabra's ability, of Pokémon making the machine malfunction and briefly mentions a machine making Pokémon malfunction, coming from Stark Mountain. He then ends the topic by mentioning he is the Tower Tycoon, and talks about his son, and about he owes a lot to her. The chapter abruptly ends with Argenta asking Platinum to look out the window.

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