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Music from 4Kids TV

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Music from 4Kids TV
4Kids CD.png
CD cover art
Release date October 18, 2005
By 4Kids Entertainment and Cherry Lane Publishing
Catalogue number {{{catalogue_number}}}
Number of tracks 18

Music from 4Kids TV is an audio CD of various songs from various shows produced by 4Kids Entertainment. It was released in 2005 by 4Kids Entertainment and Cherry Lane Publishing.

While there are eighteen tracks, each track contains at least three songs resulting in there being a total of 55 songs on the CD. The songs come from Pokémon, F-Zero, One Piece, Magical DoReMi, Mew Mew Power, Sonic X, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Incredible Crash Dummies, Winx Club and Yu-Gi-Oh!.


  1. Pokémon Theme Season 1 / Winx Club Theme / Magical DoReMi Theme
  2. Pokémon Theme Season 7 / Mew Mew Power Theme / Game On (From Yu-Gi-Oh!)
  3. Pokémon World Theme / Sonic X Theme / Winx Mean Girls
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh Theme Season 1 / TMNT Theme / I Believe (From 4Kids 5)
  5. Pokémon Theme Season 5 / One Piece Theme / Incredible Crash Dummies Theme
  6. Yu-Gi-Oh! Theme Season 2 / This Side of Paradise (From Pokémon Movie 7) / Winx Club
  7. Pokémon Theme Season Six / Magical DoReMi Theme / Supernatural (From Mew Mew Power)
  8. Pokémon Johto: Theme / Be a Pirate (From One Piece) / Midnight Run (From TMNT)
  9. Magical DoReMi: Theme / Make It Shine / Now That I Can Fly
  10. One Piece: Theme / Be a Pirate / You Can’t Turn The Tide
  11. Mew Mew Power: Theme / Lucky Me / Animal In Me
  12. Mew Mew Power: Animal Instinct / Dance Another Day / Don’t Wake Me Up
  13. Mew Mew Power: Supernatural / Crush / Zoey’s Theme
  14. Believe In / Spirit Set You Free / F Zero / Sonic X Theme / Winx Club
  15. Winx Club: Theme / Searchin’ / Just Us Girls
  16. Feels Like Magic / Mean Girls / Being A Girl
  17. This Is The Beat / You and Me / Where the Girls Are
  18. Gonna Get a Little Crazy / Count on Me / Hero

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