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The menu (Japanese: メニュー menu) is the main interface in all of the core series Pokémon games that allows the player to access the game's basic features and aspects of their save file, with the entries differing throughout the various games. It is accessed by pressing the START button of the Game Boy-line handheld in Generations I to III and by pressing the X button of the Nintendo DS-family or Nintendo 3DS-family handheld in Generation IV and later. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the menu is always open on the touchscreen.

In Generation V, a shortcut list that can be accessed from the Y button allows often-used menu screens to be accessed more readily. It is managed by (un)ticking the checkbox at the bottom of the party screen, Pokédex, Bag, Trainer Card, or Options.

In Generation I, the menu is darker than usual if opened in a cave or other dark location in which Flash has not yet been used.

List of entries

Entry Notes
Pokémon List Used to be the second entry prior to Generation V aside from Colosseum and Pokémon XD. It is simply called "Pokémon" in the menu itself but its full name "Pokémon List" is shown in the shortcut list, with it being referred to as such elsewhere since Generation I. It is not visible in the menu until the starter Pokémon has been obtained (except in Generation I, where it is always displayed despite not working until the player receives the starter Pokémon).
Pokédex Used to be the first entry prior to Generation V. It is not shown in the menu until it has been obtained.
Bag Called Item in Generation I, Pack in Generation II, and Items in Colosseum.
(App) This entry is reserved for the different game-exclusive devices and features that assist the player in his or her journey: PokégearGSCHGSS, PokéNavRSE, P★DAColoXD, PokétchDPPt, C-GearBWB2W2, Player Search SystemXY, Pokémon-AmieXY, Super TrainingXY, PokéNav PlusORAS.

In Generations II and III, these are part of the menu itself. Starting in Generation IV, they are featured on the touchscreen and are not part of the menu. This option is not shown in the menu until the device has been obtained.

Trainer Card It always shows the player's name.
Options Called Option prior to Generation IV.
Exit This was the final entry in the menu up to Pokémon Platinum and is also present in the menu of Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver and later games, it was replaced by a graphical X button that can be tapped on to close the menu.

As all games allow the menu to be closed by pressing the START, X, or B buttons, this function was somewhat redundant.

Additional options may appear in areas such as Safari Zones, Union Rooms, or the Underground.


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