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Key cards

Scyther is a Grass-type card used by Mark in his deck. He uses it at the beginning of his duel with Ronald. He uses Scyther's Swords Dance attack in the first two turns while he is building up Energy, allowing him to use Slash on the third turn for 60 damage (instead of the usual 30). However, in the end, Scyther is Knocked Out by Ronald's Dewgong.
Debut Pokémon Card GB The Comix
Venusaur is a Grass-type card used by Mark in his deck. Venusaur was key to Mark's victory against Ronald. At the beginning of the duel, he placed Bulbasaur on his Bench which Evolved into Ivysaur before it became his Active Pokémon. As the Active Pokémon, Ivysaur Knocked Out Ronald's Dewgong. Once it evolved into Venusaur, it was used against Ronald's Magmar before being swapped out for Charizard. Mark then used Venusaur's Pokémon Power Energy Trans from the Bench to move all the Energy cards from Venusaur to Charizard.
Debut Pokémon Card GB The Comix
Charizard is a Fire-type card used by Mark in his deck. Charizard spent most of the duel on the Bench as a Charmander. Close to the end of the duel, Mark uses the Pokémon Breeder Trainer card, evolving it directly into Charizard and skipping the Charmeleon stage. He then swaps out Venusaur for Charizard using Switch. After transferring all of Venusaur's Energy cards to Charizard using Venusaur's Pokémon Power Energy Trans, which could be converted into Fire Energy using Charizard's Pokémon Power Energy Burn, Charizard used Fire Spin, Knocking Out Ronald's Magmar and winning the duel for Mark.
Debut Pokémon Card GB The Comix