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This article represents a ship between two Pokémon.

AttractShipping is the belief that Ash's Pikachu and Ash's Snivy belong in a romantic relationship. It is mainly determinant by their interaction with each other

Snivy's Hints

  • A Rival Battle for Club Champ: Snivy is shown standing in front of Ash and Pikachu acting smug. This could be a way of seeing her show off to Pikachu about her strength

Pikachu's Hints

    • He also shows surprise when Snivy makes it out of her Pokeball, different to Ash, who shows disappointment
  • Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym!: Pikachu discharges more electricity when Snivy got hit by Emolga's Acrobatics and Aerial Ace, which is something he did not do when Palpitoad was getting hit, then his cheeks would just spark. This could show he is more concerned about Snivy's Safety than Palpotoad's

Other hints

Name Origins

  • The name comes from the first move Snivy used on Pikachu, Attract


  • Both's types have an advantage to Water-type Pokémon.
  • Both have defeated Trip's Serperior at one point.
  • Both have lost to Cameron's Lucario.
  • In the games, both Pikachu and Snivy belong to Field Egg Group, have opposite genders, and therefore they can breed.
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