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393.png Surprise, surprise. I really am a Piplup. Spr 4p 393.png das Plinfa Mädchen 14:34, 8 August 2009 (UTC)

My Current Team

488.png Cresselia, Lv. 67

Moonlight Normal Aurora Beam Ice
Sunny Day Fire Psycho Cut Psychic

400.png Bibarel (Nickname:TheHMSlave) Lv. 20

Cut Normal Surf Water
Rock Smash Fighting Strength Normal

398.png Staraptor (Nickname: Starhawk) Lv. 42

Defog Flying Close Combat Fighting
Quick Attack Normal Fly Flying

308.png Medicham Lv. 37

Calm Mind Psychic Psych Up Normal
Force Palm Fighting Hi Jump Kick Fighting

417.png Pachirisu♀ (Nickname: Sandy) Lv. 31

Sweet Kiss Normal Discharge Electric
Quick Attack Normal Bide Normal

196.png Espeon Lv. 29

Swift Normal Confusion Psychic
Quick Attack Normal Sand-Attack Ground

I'll add my friend code and such later.