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surskitty is a longtime member of Pokémon fandom (think 'pre-ordered Yellow' longtime) whose logged-in contributions to Bulbapedia are infrequent at best (particularly between 2005 and 2010) and usually consist at least in some part of griping about translations of song lyrics.

Her primary (and usually only non-lurking) fandom hangout is the Cave of Dragonflies forums, where she is a moderator.

While she does not have and will continue to not have a large multicoloured collection of "witty" templates, she despises most romanisations of Pokémon names, be they official or created by Bulbapedia. Referring to チラーミィ as 'chiraamyi' or 'chiraamii' (it should probably be myi or my, given xi, but ii is close) is unambiguous and easily understood; switching from chiraamyi to Chillarmy is rather pointless. Even assuming that Chillarmy is the official romanisation does not quite make it logical (while Chillarmy is apparently official, a few other names in use on Bulbapedia like Yorterrie do not appear to be); official romanisations of Pokémon names have resulted in such crimes against English phonetics as 'Airmd' for エアームド. eaamudo is perfectly pronounceable, if not ideal, while Airmd remains questionable.

The names in use will change soon anyway; why add in a middle step between hepburn and English names? It masks pronunciation while adding complication. Vanipeti does not immediately look like it is banipucchi. Also, given that searching for チラーミィ or chiraamii (though not chiraamy or chiraamyi) brings up Chillarmy, why doesn't searching for kaendan or かえんだん result in Ball of Flame? Why does a search for Low Kick bring up Low Kick but not Ankle Sweep when the latter is literally roo kikku? Pokémon fandom is always a mess right around the release of a new set of games, but why isn't Bulbapedia prioritising usability, given that different sites use different translations?