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Welcome to my user page! I have registered and started editing since 29 May, 2021.

Focus Areas

I have almost primarily been making contributions for Pokémon Masters EX! Here are my current areas of focus for that game:

  • List of moves
  • Egg Pokémon
  • Representation in article about terrain
  • Making the following template:

Upcoming Projects

I am in the process of creating some templates that will facilitate making updates across multiple move articles!

Dream Tasks

In addition, I have two dreams for this spin-off game:

  1. To create an article about its status changes!
  2. To update Trainer articles' sync-pair-related info boxes to show stats at level 150 alongside stats at level 140!


Feel free to talk to me on the talk page for the fastest response!

Let's enjoy Pokémon together!

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