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Real Life

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Pokémon Games

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Pokémon Other

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Me and Pokémon

My first experience of Pokémon was a copy of Pokémon Yellow which I got as a present along with a Gameboy Colour. I was soon spending most of my time on it, and before long I had defeated the Elite Four and captured Mewtwo. I also collected a few hundred TCG cards including several in various European languages which my Dad brought back from Buisness trips. I soon got hold of Pokémon Red and Blue, but never completed them. I never got into Generation II at all, and before long I had lost almost all interest in the series at all.

Fast forwarding a few years, I found my old copies of Red, Blue and Yellow, and decided to set about completing the Pokédex. Being the obsessive completionist that I am, I intended to complete the Pokédex on all three simultaneously, keeping all of the fully-evolved Pokémon in each game and remaining as legitimate as possible, with the exception of Mew, which I would obtain by a glitch. Naturally this required a fair quantity of planning, and it was during this that I discovered Bulbapedia. From there I rediscovered the anime, and also discovered the Pokémon Adventures manga. I had to purchase a second console (a Gameboy Pocket) and a link cable, and while doing so, I picked up a copy of Pokémon Pinball; giving me a fourth Pokédex to complete.

Me and Bulbapedia

I first started editing Bulbapedia when the most recent game released was Pokémon Platinum, and the most recent game I owned was Pokémon Yellow. When editing, I am mostly concerned with facts; in particular, data about the Pokémon games. Specifically, I aim to keep such data (a) accurate, (b) complete and (c) consistently presented. I also enjoy compiling and reformatting tables of data — see below for some of that.

Pet Hates


A couple of tables I have produced with information that I find interesting, but which sadly has no home in mainspace.