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Hi everyone, I'm Feniceo Hatchers here to tell you all of my Pokémon Trainer and Coordinator dreams.

The Start in New Bark

Beginning my journey in New Bark Town, in Johto, I choose Cyndaquil as my starter Pokémon. Calm and shy, the Fire Mouse Pokémon and I try a lot of times to catch some bug-type in Route 30, but it fails until we find a fierce wild Larvitar which uses a powerful Hyper Beam at us and escapes.

  • Feniceo starts his journey as a Pokémon Trainer through Johto with a Cyndaquil.
  • Feniceo meets Larvitar for the first time.

First Friend

Quickly we run to the Pokémon Center in Cherrygrove City. Nurse Joy does her work and takes care of my little Cyndaquil. While waiting the night to come outside the center, a happy group of Five Star Pokémon flies around me and show me how beautiful is the wild and freedom, so I learn that quietly I’ll find my dream’s Pokémon Team. This wish is turning on truth, ‘cause one of the Ledyba just befriends with me, then when I meet Cyndaquil again there’s a new partner to presents to it. In the morning after, I decide to train my new Pokémon, which against Cyndaquil shows its power.

  • Feniceo catches a Ledyba.

Confirmation of a Dream

Already in Violet City I run for my first Gym Battle. At the Gym:

Spr GS Falkner.png Leader Falkner

Spr 3e 016.png Pidgey Lv. 7

Spr 3e 017.png Pidgeotto Lv. 10

Rock Skin Cave

Traveling, I go to the Union Cave, where I fight many Trainers and find some wild Pokémon. The same Larvitar I met at Route 30 defeats my Ledyba and escapes again.

  • Feniceo’s Cyndaquil learns Quick Attack.
  • Feniceo’s Ledyba learns Light Screen.
  • Feniceo meets Larvitar for the second time.

Sky Is Above

On Route 33 some Cottonweed Pokémon flies in the sky, this is when I decide to catch one of them.

Right Evolution in Right Situation

Now I come back to my hometown, Azalea, where I meet my parents and stay for two days training my new Hoppip, which evolves into Skiploom after battles against my childhood’s friends. In the third day, I go to the Azalea Gym battle for my second badge.

  • Feniceo meets his parents for the first time after became a trainer.
  • Feniceo’s Hoppip evolves into Skiploom.
  • Feniceo Hatchers challenges Leader Bugsy at the Azalea Gym:
    • Feniceo’s Skiploom defeats Bugsy’s Metapod using Bullet Seed.
    • Feniceo’s Skiploom fights against Bugsy’s Kakuna, before being recalled by Feniceo.
    • Feniceo’s Ledyba defeats Bugsy’s Kakuna using Comet Punch.
    • Bugsy’s Scyther defeats Feniceo’s Ledyba using Vacuum Wave.
    • Feniceo’s Cyndaquil evolves into Quilava and defeats Bugsy’s Scyther using Quick Attack followed by Ember.

Spr GS Bugsy.png Leader Bugsy

Spr 3e 011.png Metapod Lv. 12

Spr 3e 014.png Kakuna Lv. 12

Spr 3e 123.png Scyther Lv. 14

In the Ilex We Learn

I pass through the Route 34 and meet the Ilex Forest, where I fight some trainers and discover some new wild Pokémon. Training a lot with my new Quilava and Skiploom, I meet Larvitar and throw my Poké Ball to catch it... The ball almost fix it into, the Rock Skin Pokémon escapes.

  • Feniceo’s Quilava learns Flame Wheel.
  • Feniceo’s Skiploom learns Leech Seed.
  • Feniceo’s Ledyba evolves into Ledian after learning Mach Punch.
  • Feniceo meets Larvitar for the third time and failed to catch it.

Fighting for the Plain

At the Goldenrod City we challenge Whitney for a battle.

  • Feniceo Hatchers challenges Leader Whitney:
    • Whitney’s Clefairy defeats Feniceo’s Skiploom using Metronome.
    • Feniceo’s Ledian defeats Whitney’s Clefairy using Mach Punch.
    • Feniceo’s Ledian defeats Whitney’s Miltank in a hard battle using Supersonic and Mach Punch.

Spr GS Whitney.png Leader Whitney

Spr 3e 035.png Clefairy Lv. 19

Spr 3e 241.png Miltank Lv. 21