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ミツル Mitsuru
Age 15
Gender Male
Hometown Petalburg City
Region Hoenn
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer, former Gym Leader.

I am Rpp. I run the website Poké Shinkon. My favorite Pokémon is Ralts, which I have named Ruru, coincidentally, Wally's Ralts, Ruru, shares the same name. Quite a completely unintended coincidence. But might as well use his sprite...


Trainer status
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ID No. 05608
Seen: 210
Caught: 60
Seen: 216
Caught: 66
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Hall of Fame:
468 282 472
445 400 482
June 23, 2009
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Battle Videos

These are my current Battle Videos. Enjoy.

Video ID
Opponent Style My team Their team Result
(June 23, 2009)
Spr Pt Dahlia.png
Arcade Star Dahlia
Battle #21:
Silver Hall Print

Shiny Pokémon

The following Pokémon are all 100% legitimate. But not very impressive.

Noctowl was my first shiny. I caught it while I was looking for Swarming Lickitung at Lake Valor.
My Kricketot was just a chance meeting on Route 204's northern section.
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Spr 4p 401 f s.png


I am a Pokémon Spriter, I sprite both Pokémon and their Trainers. Loving this profession, I joined the Custom Sprite Project, although I haven't done much lately... I was planning on making a sprite comic that no-one has ever seen, unfortunately, this is extremely difficult and time-consuming so I recently decided to make a Manga-style comic of it to show better graphics and incorporate more humor.


As the previous paragraph stated, I have decided to convert some of my spriting projects into a manga/comic form. I have 2 projects in the making under this classification, I won't reveal their names because I still need to copyright them.

The aforementioned spriting project has been temporarily cancelled until after Heartgold and Soulsilver are released since a major plot of it takes place in Johto.
A second project is currently in the works and will be released some time before HGSS, so if you're interested, you'll have to check back after a couple weeks (a month or two). I won't disclose anything about this one because if I told you anything, you'd have no point in reading the first chapter. :P