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133.png This user is a Normal-type trainer.
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This user can sing.
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This user can't sing.
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F. A. Q.

Why can't I Sing if I can Sing?

Because that's how I am!

Why is my starter Pokémon Mew?

I hadn't chose a starter Pokémon yet, and Mew is #000 in my Pokédex, so my starter is Mew.

What to do now

Go to Lilycove City. Or go to your hometown. Or drink some coffee. I like Celebi. Ask Brock if he does.


Qwerties: Brock, do you like Celebi?
Brock: (yes or no).
Qwerties: ...
Brock: Let's battle!
Brock sent out Onix.
Qwerties: Go, Diglett!
Qwerties: Diglett, use Dig!
Onix used Rock throw, It missed!
Diglett used Dig. It's super effective.
Onix's Sturdy protected it!
Onix used Rock throw.
It's not very effective.
Qwerties: Diglett, use Earthquake!
It's super effective.
Onix fainted.
Qwerties: Diglett, come back! Go, Cel--
Brock: Je n'aime pas Celebi.
Do you understand what Brock just said? DO NOT TRANSLATE!

Go here if yes.
Go here if no.

About me

I like Celebi. I want to play Sun or Moon. Now, should I go レフト or 正しい? What do you think?