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About me

I've been playing Pokémon since the release of Red and Blue, which at the time of writing is more than 20 years ago. I own all of the main series games, as well as a great number of side games. I collect Pokémon cards because I love the card art, and I have gained an appreciation for many Pokémon I'd otherwise never consider (such as Ducklett and Trubbish) due to great card art. Likewise, whilst I generally dislike Legendary/Mythical Pokémon and Ubers in general, sidegames have given me an appreciation for some of them. I also have a collection of Pokémon plushes, and I'm sad that the Gold and Silver remakes removed the ability to decorate your room with plush toys.

Wiki philosophy

I am a staunch inclusionist. Wikis are not paper encyclopaedias; you're not going to run out of paper anytime soon.

I used to edit extensively on Wikipedia and wrote and expanded many pages on geeky topics like Dungeons and Dragons, but got over time I became jaded with wikis due to increasing deletionism which led to purges of such content. I find it thoroughly depressing that this trend has spread to the fan wikis which were once a haven for material considered "not notable" enough for inclusion on Wikipedia.

I view trivia as an extremely important part of Bulbapedia - it's honestly one of the main things that draws me to the website. I see attempts to excise trivia sections as destroying Bulbapedia's soul, and adamantly oppose the introduction of a "no trivia" policy. This website exists because of fans of the Pokémon series, and a large amount of content within the Pokémon games is a result of the creators interacting with their fans. Fandoms are at their heart a discourse between creator and consumer, and I view trying to exclude aspects which pertain to fandom as degrading to the project. Ultimately, the wiki isn't about the Pokémon franchise. It is about our relationship with a franchise that is extremely dear to us all.