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Hello, hello, I'm Pazu Salmon, I am a pretty minor contributor looking to step up my involvement in bulbapedia. I am a fairly new joiner to the wiki and most of my few edits have been corrections more than anything.

My History with Pokémon

Not That any of you really care about it but I thought I would jot this down just in case. I started playing Pokémon back in the days of RBY when I was young. I remember being frustrated when I couldn't capture all the Pokémon in Blue so I ended up getting the Red as well. When Yellow came out I obviously had to go and get that as well. Some time in there I started playing the card game and I remember my complete shock when the first booster pack I bought ended up containing a Charizard. I also started watching the anime at about this time. Later on Gold and Silver came out and had a blast playing Silver. Eventually Pokémon became uncool and I ended up giving it up. The summer between my Junior and Senior years of high school I had a job that gave me some extra money and I had heard about the remakes of Red and Blue versions, so I decided to buy a copy of them. Once again I was hooked. I played those games for a couple of hundred hours before they were stolen. But I hadn't given up on Pokémon. About that time I downloaded (yes I know illegal but I deleted them since then) the first ten seasons of the Pokémon anime and watched them through to get caught up on the show so I could start watching the new episodes. I got a DS lite and bought Pearl version and spent close to 300 hours playing. While playing FireRed and LeafGreen I found some of my Pokémon knowledge was a little rusty so I started searching the web for a good repository of Pokémon knowledge. I found,, and many others not worth mentioning but bulbapedia was far better than any of them. Now I play platinum and love it. I won't bore you with any more details but that is pretty much my story with Pokémon and how I came to get here.