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Pokémon in General

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Pokémon Games

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All About Me

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MeDoStuff, more well-known in the forums as Cheese is a member of Bulbagarden Forums and Bulbapedia. He is still learning wiki code, and is receiving help from Tina, so please don't expect much, until later. Enjoy.

Basic Information

Anything & Everything

Basic Information

MeDoStuff's name is Joshua, and please, do not use it online. He is Leo and lives in California. He is a Filipino and has Ilocano parents.

He currently is a sixth grader at junior high.

By the way, he also loves smilies and puts it on most assignments, posts, etc.


The Past (Gen. III)

He started Pokémon at the age of eight, when he was in a party at his cousin's house. His cousin showed him Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, and soon, he wanted to play. Until he got his first Pokémon game, Ruby, his cousin loaned him Ruby and Sapphire, which he played on his special Pokémon Center Game Boy Advance, and his first game was Kirby: The Nightmare of Dreamland. He soon bought FireRed and soonafter, Emerald.

The Present (Gen. IV)

After his graduation, where he was valedictorian of his class, he got $150 in both cash and gift cards. He soon purchased Diamond and Pearl. He soon got into the fandom at early June, when he joined NSider Forums. After the forums shut down, he was looking at random forums, and found Bulbapedia. He joined in on the fun, and joined the forums. The first thread he found was the Rate My Team thread, where he was a n00b at. He later somehow found the Fun, Clubs, and Games forum, where as Jules described, "..took over the Fun, Clubs, and Games forum like the plague."

Game Records

To-Do List

  • Do homework
  • Continue, and possibly finish web page.
  • Ask Zhen Lin for name change.

Contact Ways

Useless Facts

  • MeDoStuff enjoys reading Reader's Digest.
  • His last name is something related to legal history.
  • This user has a PlayStation 3 neckstrap for his keys, though, ironically, he dislikes PlayStation 3.
  • This user has a 4.0 GPA.
  • This user has a mathematics class two levels higher than his classmates.
  • This user, if he does it right, can look like a monkey or a pig.
  • This user can bend his tongue vertically.