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Hello reader!

I'm Lanthanum, your occasional orderly editor. Although my knowledge on the Pokémon franchise is relatively limited, I have a knack for keeping things up to date with the best grammar possible. I'm not too knowledgeable on coding and am relatively unfamiliar with template creation and the like, but I can pick the basics up real easy. I keep myself up to date on the franchise with the latest released main series games, as well as some side series ones, such as Mystery Dungeon, Shuffle, and Ranger (RIP).

I edit in bursts, so I'm not around often! I do enjoy helping out the site on my spare time though, so if I'm not around I'll be back eventually.

See you around in the editing space! :D


Mainspace pages/templates that need some updating

  • Item descriptions for PE
  • Mon locations for PE

Debatable to-be-mainspaced

Rotom Powers