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This template is for building an infobox on an item page (started with {{ItemInfobox/head}}). It adds information about which Bag pockets the item is stored in in different generations.


  • 1: The generation this row of pocket data is about.
  • 2: The pocket that the item (the page this template is used on) belongs to in the specified generation; used for the default color scheme, the pocket icon and text, and the default category.
  • colorscheme (optional): Overrides the color scheme to be used for this row; defaults to [parameter 1] color light (see color templates).
  • group (optional): If this row does not apply to the whole generation: the game or games this row of pocket data is about (usually entered with gameabbrev templates).
    • game (optional): To use a pocket icon from a specific game (example: from BDSP, from SV), put the game abbreviation here and the file displayed will change accordingly.
  • pocket (optional): overrides the pocket used to add a category, adding the page to the category [pocket] Pocket (see Items by pocket); defaults to parameter 1.
  • cat (optional): an override for the category added by this template; mainly meant to be used to suppress the category with |cat=.


This template can be used multiple times to add information about multiple generations/games. The first instance of this template should be immediately preceded by {{ItemInfobox/head}}. The last (or only) row of pocket information should use {{ItemInfobox/BagRowBottom}}.


Simplified Cheri Berry.

Cheri Berry
Kurabo Fruit
Bag Cheri Berry Sprite.png
Cheri Berry
Pokémon Global Link artwork
Introduced in Generation III
Generation III Bag Berries pocket icon.png Berries (RSE)
Generation III Bag Berry Pouch pocket icon.png Berry Pouch (FRLG)
Generation IV Bag Berries pocket icon.png Berries
Generation V Bag Berries pocket icon.png Berries
Generation VI Bag Berries pocket icon.png Berries
Generation VII Bag Berries pocket icon.png Berries
Generation VIII Bag Berries pocket icon.png Berries (SwShBDSP)
Generation VIII Bag Items pocket icon.png Items (LA)
Generation IX Bag Berries pocket icon.png Berries
|name=Cheri Berry
|jtrans=Kurabo Fruit
{{ItemInfobox/BagRow|cat=|III|Berry Pouch|group={{gameabbrev3|FRLG}}|pocket=Berries Pocket}}