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Bah. Hi.

I'm a brazilian Pokémon fan. I speak a bit of English, but the necessary to comunicate with american and english people.


My favorite Pokémon is Jolteon. My second one is Girafarig.

Now I'm playing Pokémon Pearl, but I played FireRed, too, and I'm playing japanese Platinum. Yes, at the emulator :-O

My team in Pearl is:

- Narval the Empoleon, ♂

- Linx the Luxray, ♂

- ShadowMage the Mismagius, ♂

- Flarie the Rapidash, ♀

- Rocker the Steelix, ♂

My team in FireRed was ( I transfered all for Pearl ):

- Draken the Charizard, ♂

- Hera the Nidoqueen, ♀ ( obviously xD )

- Triton the Gyarados, ♂

- Spike the Jolteon, ♂

- Break the Hitmonlee, ♂

- Woot the Exeggutor, ♂

My plain for a team in Platinum include a Torterra ( Tarto ), a Floatzel ( Pool ), a Bronzong ( Aztec ), a Houndoom ( Devy ), a Yanmega ( Neura ) and a Frosslass ( Ona ).

Now I have only Tarto, Pool, Aztec and Devy, and I'm at Veilstone. :)

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