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Set Size

  • 181 cards


  • This set features the return of Pokémon-ex, Dual-types, and Owner's Pokémon.

Poké-Cardlist (1-100)

No. Card Name Type Rarity English Origin Japanese Origin Changes
1 Aggron Metal Rare HolographicH EX Power Keepers
2 Alto Mare's Latias Colorless Rare HolographicH Movie 5 + 10 HP
3 Alto Mare's Latios Colorless Rare HolographicH Movie 5
4 Ashachu Lightning Rare HolographicH
5 Batiodon Metal Rare HolographicH Mysterious Treasures
6 Butler's Dusknior Psychic Rare HolographicH
7 Cool Porygon-Z Colorless Rare HolographicH
8 Darkrai Darkness Rare HolographicH DP-Promo
9 Dialga Metal Rare HolographicH PPP
10 Erika's Dragonite Colorless Rare HolographicH
11 Fake Groudon Fighting Rare HolographicH
12 Jirachi Metal Rare HolographicH Movie 10
13 Magnezone Metal Rare HolographicH Diamond & Pearl
14 Manaphy Water Rare HolographicH Movie 10
15 Mothim Grass Rare HolographicH DP-Promo
16 Omastar Fighting Rare HolographicH Neo Discovery
17 Palkia Water Rare HolographicH PPP
18 Rampardos Fighting Rare HolographicH Mysterious Treasures
19 Space Fissure's Deoxys [Normal] Psychic Rare HolographicH Movie 7
20 Steelix Metal Rare HolographicH Skyridge
21 Venestoise GrassWater Rare HolographicH
22 ______'s Celebi Grass Rare HolographicH PLAY
23 ______'s Groudon Fighting Rare HolographicH PLAY
24 ______'s Kyogre Water Rare HolographicH PLAY
25 ______'s Mew Psychic Rare HolographicH PLAY
26 ______'s Rayquaza Colorless Rare HolographicH PLAY
27 Ash's Sepcile Grass Rare
28 Blastoise Water Rare Secret Wonders
29 Brock's Omastar Fighting Rare VS + 30 HP and attack damge,
Evolves from Brock's Omanyte
30 Bronzong Psychic Rare DP-Promo
31 Dark Electrode LightningDarkness Rare EX Team Rocket Returns
32 Empoleon WaterMetal Rare Entry Pack 2008 Added the Metal-type.
33 Garchomp Colorless Rare Mysterious Treasures
34 Honchrow Darkness Rare Mysterious Treasures
35 Hungry Snorlax Colorless Rare Unnumbered Promos
36 Infernape Fire Rare Entry Pack 2008
37 Lt. Surge's Elecivire Lightning Rare
38 May's Blaziken FireFighting Rare
39 Raichu Lightning Rare Mysterious Treasures
40 Shedinja Psychic Rare EX Deoxys + 10 HP
41 Space Fissure's Deoxys [Attack] Psychic Rare Movie 7
42 Space Fissure's Deoxys [Defence] Psychic Rare Movie 7
43 Swampert FightingWater Rare EX Crystal Guardians Added the Water-type.
44 Torterra Grass Rare Entry Pack 2008
45 Venasaur Grass Rare Expedition
46 Wormadam Plant Cloak Grass Rare Secret Wonders
47 Wormadam Sandy Cloak Fighting Rare Secret Wonders
48 Wormadam Trash Cloak Metal Rare Secret Wonders + 10 HP
49 Aniorth Fighting Uncommon EX Sandstorm
50 Ash's Grovyle Grass Uncommon Movie 8 Evolves from Ash's Treecko
51 Aura's Riolu Fighting Uncommon
52 Brock's Forretress Metal Uncommon Movie 8 Evolves from Brock's Pineco
53 Brock's Ninetales Fire Uncommon Gym Challenge Pokémon Power into Poké-
54 Brock's Omanyte Fighting Uncommon
55 Butler's Dusklops Psychic Uncommon Movie 6 Evolves from Butler's Duskull
56 Butler's Mightyena Darkness Uncommon Movie 6 Evolves from Butler's Poochyena
57 Cathirine's Masquerain Grass Uncommon
58 Charmeleon Fire Uncommon EX Dragon
59 Cool Porygon2 Colorless Uncommon
60 Cranidos Fighting Uncommon Mysterious Treasures
61 Dark Donphan FightingDarkness Uncommon Neo Destiny + 30 HP, Added
the Darkness-type.
62 Dark Gyarados WaterDarkness Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns
63 Dark Octillery WaterDarkness Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns
64 Dawn's Ambipom Colorless Uncommon
65 Ditto Colorless Uncommon Fossil Pokémon Power into Poké-
66 Erika's Dragonair Colorless Uncommon Gym Heroes
67 Flying Pikachu Lightning Uncommon Wizards Promos + 20 HP
68 Gabite Colorless Uncommon Mysterious Treasures
69 Grotle Grass Uncommon Entry Pack 2008
70 Hungry Munchlax Colorless Uncommon
71 Ivysaur Grass Uncommon Expedition
72 Jigglypuff Colorless Uncommon Great Encounters
73 Kabuto Water Uncommon EX Sandstorm Evolves from Dome Fossil
74 Lairon Metal Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians
75 Lileep Grass Uncommon EX Sandstorm #43
76 Lt. Surge's Electabuzz Lightning Uncommon Gym Heroes
77 Magneton Metal Uncommon Diamond & Pearl
78 Marshstomp FightingWater Uncommon EX Crystal Guardians Added the Water-type.
79 May's Combusken Fire Uncommon Movie 9 Evolves from May's Torchic
80 Monferno Fire Uncommon Entry Pack 2008
81 Omanyte Water Uncommon EX Sandstorm Evolves from Helix Fossil
82 Onix Fighting Uncommon Southern Islands
83 Pichu Bros. Lightning Uncommon POP Series 3
84 Pikachu Lightning Uncommon Mysterious Treasures + 10 HP
85 Prinplup Water Uncommon Entry Pack 2008
86 Pupitar Fighting Uncommon Mysterious Treasures
87 Rapidash Fire Uncommon Diamond & Pearl
88 Rocket's Meowth Darkness Uncommon EX Team Rocket Returns
89 Rocket's Scyther Grass Uncommon Gym Heroes
90 Rotom Lightning Uncommon Entry Pack 2008
91 Shieldon Metal Uncommon Mysterious Treasures
92 Surfing Pikachu Lightning Uncommon Wizards Promos
93 Toxicroak Psychic Uncommon Entry Pack 2008
94 Wobbuffet Psychic Uncommon Diamond & Pearl
95 Wortortle Water Uncommon Base Set
96 Aron Metal Common EX Legend Maker
97 Ash's Aipom Colorless Common Movie 9
98 Ash's Torkoal Fighting Common Movie 6
99 Ash's Treecko Grass Common
100 Blane's Baby Kangaskhan Colorless Common

Poké-Cardlist (101-138),(164-181)

No. Card Name Type Rarity English Origin Japanese Origin Changes
101 Blane's Kangaskhan Colorless Common Gym Heroes
102 Blane's Tauros Colorless Common Gym Heroes
103 Brock's Pineco Grass Common
104 Brock's Vulpix Fire Common Gym Challenge
105 Bronzor Psychic Common Entry Pack 2008
106 Bulbasaur Grass Common Secret Wonders
107 Burmy Plant Cloak Grass Common Secret Wonders
108 Burmy Sandy Cloak Grass Common Secret Wonders
109 Burmy Trash Cloak Grass Common Secret Wonders
110 Butler's Duskull Psychic Common
111 Butler's Poochyena Darkness Common
112 Cathirine's Surskut Water Common Movie 7
113 Charmader Fire Common Secret Wonders
114 Chimchar Fire Common PPP
115 Cool Porygon Colorless Common Wizards Promos
116 Croagunk Psychic Common Entry Pack 2008
117 Erika's Dratini Colorless Common Gym Heroes Pokémon Power changed to
118 Flying Pichu Lightning Common
119 Gable Colorless Common POP Series 6
120 Igglybuff Colorless Common EX Crystal Guardians
121 Larvitar Fighting Common Mysterious Treasures
122 Lt. Surge's Elekid Lightning Common
123 Magikarp Water Common Secret Wonders
124 Magnemite Metal Common Diamond & Pearl
125 May's Torchic Fire Common
126 Mudkip Water Common Great Encounters
127 Murkrow Darkness Common Mysterious Treasures
128 Nincada Grass Common EX Deoxys
129 Phanpy Fighting Common EX Holon Phantoms
130 Pichu Lightning Common EX Power Keepers
131 Piplup Water Common Entry Pack 2008
132 Ponyta Fire Common Base Set + 10 HP
133 Remoraid Water Common Mysterious Treasures
134 Squirtle Water Common EX FireRed & LeafGreen
135 Surfing Pichu Lightning Common
136 Turtwig Grass Common PPP
137 Voltorb Lightning Common EX Team Rocket Returns
138 Wynaut Psychic Common EX Sandstorm
164 Darkrai Lv.X Darkness Rare HolographicH Great Encounters
165 Dialga Lv.X Metal Rare HolographicH Great Encounters
166 Empoleon Lv.X Water Rare HolographicH Diamond & Pearl
167 Garchomp Lv.X Colorless Rare HolographicH Mysterious Treasures
168 Honchrow Lv.X Darkness Rare HolographicH Secret Wonders
169 Infernape Lv.X Fire Rare HolographicH Diamond & Pearl
170 Palkia Lv.X Water Rare HolographicH Great Encounters
171 Torterra Lv.X Grass Rare HolographicH Diamond & Pearl
172 Aerodactyl ex Colorless Rareex EX Sandstorm Evolves from Old Amber
173 Armaldo ex Fighting Rareex EX Legend Maker
174 Aura's Lucario ex Metal Rareex Lucario Deck Set Evolves from Aura's Riolu
175 Charizard ex Fire Rareex EX FireRed & LeafGreen
176 Cradily ex Grass Rareex EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua
177 Kabutops ex Water Rareex EX Sandstorm
178 Rocket's Persian ex Darkness Rareex EX Unseen Forces
179 Rocket's Sizior ex MetalDarkness Rareex EX Team Rocket Returns No Poké-body, Evolves from
Rocket's Scyther, Added the
180 Tyranitar ex FightingDarkness Rareex EX Unseen Forces Added the Fighting-type
181 Wigglytuff ex Colorless Rareex EX Hidden Legends

Trainer Cardlist (139-163)

No. Card Name Kind Rarity Changes
139 Imposter Professor Oak Su Rare Now a Supporter
140 Professor Birch Su Rare
141 Professor Elm Su Rare Now a Supporter
142 Professor Oak Su Rare Now a Supporter
143 Professor Rowan Su Rare
144 Dusk Ball T Uncommon
145 Great Ball T Uncommon
146 Magnetic Storm St Uncommon
147 Master Ball T Uncommon
148 Pokémon Trader Su Uncommon Now a Supporter
149 Premier Ball T Uncommon Also searches ex
150 Quick Ball T Uncommon
151 Rare Candy T Uncommon
152 Speed Stadium St Uncommon
153 Steven's Advice Su Uncommon
154 Wally's Training Su Uncommon
156 Armor Fossil T Common
157 Bock's Helix Fossil T Common

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