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About Me
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About Me

DavisJ3608 is 19, lives in West Salem, Oregon, goes to college, and likes to refer to himself in the third person. Actually, referring to myself in the third person is kind of tricky, so screw that. I've been a kinda-fan of Pokémon since it first came to America back when I was a wee child, and I used to play Blue and Gold obsessively. I stopped after a while, though, and then my life got horribly complicated. The moral of the story is Pokémon simplifies your life.

Recently my best friend in the whole wide world with whom I am in a kind of complicated almost-romantic friendship got me a DS and Pearl, and I logged 35 hours in the first three days. To help me cope with the insane amount of new stuff I needed to keep track of, she introduced me to Bulbapedia. Being a Wiki, I couldn't help but fall in love and create an account, so here I am!

Other Wikis

I've majorly contributed to these wikis:

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