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Cyndermew's Page

I have lots of pokemon in other games.

Pokemon That I Own In Pearl

Favorite Pokemon

i have about 15 pokemon that i like

Ninetales 038Ninetales.png

Zapdos 145Zapdos.png

Suicune 245Suicune.png

Celebi 251Celebi.png

Lugia 249Lugia.png

Mew 151Mew.png

Jirachi 385Jirachi.png

Rayquaza 384Rayquaza.png

Vaporeon 134Vaporeon.png

Jolteon 135Jolteon.png

Flareon 136Flareon.png

Espeon 196Espeon.png

Umbreon 197Umbreon.png

Leafeon ArtLeafia.jpg

Glaceon ArtGlacia.jpg

Pokemon I Have In Hoenn

i have about 4 pokemon

Marshtomp 259Marshtomp.png

Swellow 277Swellow.png

Breloom 286Breloom.png

Pelipper 279Pelipper.png

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