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Welcome to Clubchloe1

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Note: The template used for my User page is from Kogoro. Use that template if you want your user page like this!

Table of contents, because my page is huge

About me - Contact information - History - Wifi history - Random knowlegde Mythbusters - Top favorite Pokémon - My user name - Funny moments when playing Pokémon games While in a battle with the Elite 4 member Catilin While in a battle with Shauntal - My Personal Story on how I found my Shiny Sableye - User tags - R/S speculation - Something to take into perspective - My moves that so far do not exist Absolute Zero Blast Explosive Bullet Seed - The users I would like to thank


Welcome to my User Page! Still working on this whole editing thing, so if I make a mistake, feel free to fix it!

About me

I LOVE the Pokémon games, Emerald and Gen V is my specialty. I really don't like Gen IV games, I didn't really enjoy it when I played them (compared to my playthrough of Black). But something that I actually don't like about Emerald (any pre-Gen V game for that matter) is getting your Pokémon to atleast level 59, it takes a LOT of hard work (and patience), but in Gen V, this was made EASY, the fact they GIVE you the Lucky Egg (which getting a Lucky Egg is hard in the first place, because first of all, the norm of getting it is get it with a 5% of the time held by wild Chansey's, but Chansey's are very rare to encounter in the wild anyways, and Chansey's have a very low catch rate), and the fact EVERYDAY there is (in the after game, or in B2W2, you can do this anytime in the game, atleast by the time you get there) trainers to fight in the Big Stadium and Small Court, that are actually high leveled. I generally don't cheat or hack, but I did recently heard about a hacking system called "Pokégen", I heard the important details, and want to get it but I have WAAAY to many things on my hand to buy right now. I like that with Pokégen, I can actually hack even though I have only a 3DS (Updated 3DS's and DSi's have an anti-hacking thing installed in them, meaning that Action Replay is useless on them). And I HATE that I have to start ALL over when I use my White 2 game card to play Dream World (Okay, first of all, I HAVE A TROPICAL ISLAND HUT HOUSE!!! And I had like, ALL the super effective type attack reducing berries too!! And all my Dream points are gone!! I had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many things on my Black card for Dream World. Even my Dream pals are gone!!). I also go by the names Chloetyuiop, Clubchloe01, and Chloetyuiop1. I also edit on the Okami Wiki, and am currently on a project to improve the wikis templates look by adding rounded corners. The Okami series is one of my most favorite of all video games.

Contact information

  • My user page on the forums (I don't go on the forums much, but I generally post polls asking stuff that I think is interesting such as "Whats your favorite Evil Team leader?")
  • Talk page, obviously

I do have a personal email, but I don't think that should really be given out, because someone might hack/spam my account.


I first got Pokémon Black, and I enjoyed it a lot, and I formed a team mostly consisting of Legendaries, but I wanted a good psychic attacker, so I traded with my friend a Solosis, and a Shelgon. I knew Salamence was a pretty strong Pokémon, and I looked at Reuniclus's stats too, it was a really good Pokémon. Then I got a Level 100 Zekrom by a Wifi event, that thing SAVED me in the Elite 4. I beat the game, then I was bored with the after game, so I got Pokémon Platinum, but I didn't enjoy it as much as Black. Then for my birthday, I got a GBA, and Pokémon Emerald, I enjoyed it a lot, and it became my favorite of all the Pokémon games I had played, but I missed the Global Terminal, and the GTS. Then with my birthday money, I got Pokémon Soulsilver, it still felt like it was still the same generic Pokémon game experience that I felt with Platinum. Then I bought off Ebay Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, it was my first PMD game I had played, and I looked on Game FAQS to see how to start off with a Piplup, and I did, then I chose my partner to be Pikachu, Pikachu was Proven to be helpful as a Partner, because he had Electric type attacks, and Most of the Pokémon were weak to it, but he sadly barley most of the time even attacked that did damage, so I got a Starly on my Team, and I am still progressing in the game. I got Pokémon White 2, and I like it, but the story doesn't really pick up until late in the game...

My WiFi history

Note: This section may or may not be interesting to you

The first time I used WiFi in a Pokémon Game was when there was a event to get a Level 100 Zekrom for Pokémon Black; then I didn't use WiFi for a long time until there was an event going on for a Victini (And this was when I only had my 3DS and got rid of my DSi), I tried to get it, then it said it didn't recognize the way the 3DS uses WiFi, but it gave me the option to update my Black game, so it would work, so I did that, then I got the Victini! I sadly missed out on a Darkrai (I wasn't gonna use it), but hey, I got a Victini that knew the most powerful Fire type move in the game, I was happy. Then I tried the GTS, I liked the concept of it, but there is so many FIVE YEAR OLDS that go on there and offer weak Pokémon for Legendary Pokémon, or even good Pokémon for many Legendary Pokémon that's like Level 9 and under (Like level 9 and under Mewtwo) and the fact most Legendary Pokémon are not obtainable at Level 9 and under -_- . Then I tried Pokémon Dream World, I really liked it, just the concept of playing games on the internet to get Pokémon and Items is really cool. I never used WiFi in the Gen IV games for some reason, but for some reason missed the WiFi in Emerald .


  • Dairy free coffee cremer is HIGHLY flammable, see this video for how flammable it is.
  • Salami can make good rocket fuel (for certain types of rockets)


  • Adam has barely any memory because it contains all the lyrics from all songs in the 70's
  • Jamie is russian
  • Carrie was formerly a undercover martini tester

My Top Favorite Pokémon

  1. Keldeo- Its Resolute form is just plain awesome, but I cannot sadly get it in BW :(
  2. Victni- I really like Victni
  3. Mewtwo- It used to be my Favorite Pokémon, but I still like it because its MEWTWO, I mean, it destroyed the Pokémon Mansion (Which I wish it destroyed the whole thing), and it got a EX TCG Card (Which I have the collectors Jumbo Card).
  4. Cresseila
  5. Rayquaza

My User name

Some may wonder where I got my unique User name, well it first started off when I made my first account on Club Penguin (This was when I was about 6 years old), where the "Club" part was diverted from the "Club" part in Club Penguin, and Chloe is my real name, and the "1" part is just there for the heck of it. Then, this user name pretty much became a stable for my user name's, except for my Trainer club account that I use for my DW account, that is my "parent" account (I was very confused on how to get Dream world to play on it ) I accepted the terms for my parent account, and I logged in with it (not with my Clubchloe1 account), and the rest is self-explanatory for those of you who play Dream World.

My funny moments when playing Pokémon games

While in a battle with the Elite 4 member Catilin

This is my thinking:

"Ohhh... you're gonna send out your Metagross. Okay then, I WILL SEND OUT MY LEVEL 100 SALAMENCE!! EVEN THOUGH YOU RESIST DRAGON, PREPARE TO DIE!!!!" (Note, I thought this because Metagross has horrible Sp. Def)

Salamence used Draco Meteor! Its not very effective.. *It survives* ._.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY IT SURVIVED AFTER IT HAS SUCKTACUTLAR SP. DEF, MY SALAMENCE HAS A DRAGON FANG HELD, MY SALAMENCE GETS STAB (Which I calculated with STAB and Dragon fang held, it has 210 POWER!!) AND MY SALAMENCE HAS OVER 200 SP. ATTK?!?!" XD incase you didn't know, I have a short temper.

While in a battle with Shauntal

This is when I'm battling her Chandelure:

*sends out my Reuniclus* (Remember, this is when I stupidly only had 4 Pokémon on my team)

Chandelure used Shadow Ball! Its super effective! Reuniclus fainted! "FUUUUUU-"

*sends out my awesome Samurott* "ummm..."

Chandelure used Shadow Ball! Charlie (Named it that as a Oshawott because Samurott looks like a Unicorn XD) fainted! ._.

"Okay, this is one of my strongest Pokémon!" *sends out Salamence* "ummm..."

Salamence used Dragon Claw! *it survives* Chandelure used Shadow Ball! Salamence fainted! o_o

"My last chance..." *sends out Level 100 Event Zekrom* "okay.."

Zekrom used Fusion bolt (My Zekrom that I got has like no real moves that can save PP)! Chandelure Fainted! "FINALLY!! AFTER 3 POKéMON DEATHS!!!"

What happens after is self explanatory (I did come prepared with 20 Full restores, and 20 Revives).

Not sure if I have any other really funny moments in Pokémon games where its notable..but if I do, I will post more here!

My Personal Story on how I found my Shiny Sableye

It was a boring day, I was playing Pokémon Emerald, I was at the Sky Pillar grinding up EXP. points (since the Sky Pillar most of the time has high leveled powerful wild Pokémon) and I kept running away from Sableye's since they're annoying and I want to grind up more EXP. in 1 battle, and then there I was, at the beginning of the battle, you could see it, the altered Coloration, and it had the Shiny Animation, it really was, it was a SHINY SABLEYE, but anyways, it was annoying to catch, I came into the Sky Pillar with 19 ULTRA BALLS, and I didn't try to catch any other Pokémon other than the Shiny Sableye, and I came out after trying to catch it WITH 2.

User Tags

I have User Tags also, so I organized them.

R/S speculation

Okay, so we already know that there's some things in BW that are similar to R/S, well has anyone noticed that the music in Dragon Spiral Tower that the beginning of the music sounds very similar to the Sealed Chamber music from R/S/E? Just saying, it sounds very similar to it.

Something to take into perspective

Okay, three years ago, in Black and White, Hilda/Hilbert stopped Team Plasma, he/she stopped Ghetsis from Taking over the Unova region, guess what, Three years later, the Player character goes to catch Kyurem at Giant Chasm, and guess what, Ghestsis tries to kill you! No, he doesn't try to kill our Pokémon like any other mad Evil Team boss would mind you, he uses the Power of Kyurem and Tries to kill the Player character!

My moves that so far do not exist

Absolute Zero Blast

It is called Absolute Zero Blast because the the Battle animation shows the user creating a sphere of the coldest it can ever be-Absolute Zero (Or effectively, 0 Kelvin, because Kelvin measures from Absolute Zero, and Kelvin is no longer considered a Degree either).

How it would work-Okay, it has a base Power of 150, and 100 accuracy, and is a special move, but the user on the first turn of using it will have to charge up before using it, but this of course can be skipped with a Power Herb, and it always freezes if it hits, because Absolute Zero is so cold that nothing moves if you are in the area of it, and it would probably be a signature move of a Legendary Ice-type Pokémon.

Explosive Bullet Seed

This is a move that is similar to Seed Bomb, and Bullet Seed .

How it would work
Okay, it has 80 base power, and a 100% accuracy, is a physical move, and is a Multi-Hit move. This move can be very ideal for Breloom. This moved may be so good on it that it will have to be an event-exclusive move on it (probably a Global Link promotion).

More creativity coming soon (Whenever I think of more moves)!

The users I would like to thank

Here is a list of users who fixed something on my User pages, and/or added something that was missing to the Mainspace which was bothering me:

  • Force Fire- He fixed one of my User tags that had a broken file link
  • SnorlaxMonster- He fixed one of my User tags that led to 2 3DS articles (one being on Bulbapedia, and the other link being on Wikipedia), and added to the Décor article the missing Pokémon Dolls
  • Dennou Zenshi- He fixed the broken file links on one of my sub-pages (Teams)
  • Kogoro- She fixed a redlink I had on this page and made this template used on this page