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This page will have its templates updated, but for now here it is in rough:

  • 351Castform: Why on earth does noone have the god of type changing??? Yes, Arceus can change type but not in the middle of a battle like Castform can!!! Just give him the moves Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Hail and Weather Ball and instantly you have three different types of moves (Weather Ball changes type according to the weather) nad Pokémon (Castform changes type according to the weather)! I added up the figures and with this combination of moves the number of types you can have an advantage over is NINE!!!!! Anyone can see the value in that!!
  • 484Palkia: This is one of the rare times when I would like to see an über more. I suggest Palkia because it is easy to access for Pearl players, it has got a nice strong move in the way of Spacial Rend, and it doesn't fall on the chart of "Struck Down by Fighting-type or Dark-type moves" (read my userpage to see why this is a good thing).
  • 327Spinda: I could sum up my reason in three words: It's a pest. If you have ever experienced your Pokémon being confused (and if you haven't you are either really lucky or new to a game), you will know what I am talking about. Dizzy Punch is bad enough to be hit by, but in a quirk of inspiration the programmers made it learn Teeter Dance. Good for the person who has a Spinda. Bad for the person that doesn't.
  • 460Abomasnow: I admit, seven weaknesses is a lot. But see past this, and you have a mighty fine Pokémon at hand. And (convieniently) it has all the types which are valuable in the E4. Good.
  • 490Manaphy: This one is not because of battle prowess, it's because it show that (maybe) you play a pretty darn awesome game. If you are looking for something new then this is your game. Look up Manaphy's page to find out what it is.