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Timothy (Japanese: ヒロキ Hiroki) is a character of the day who appears in the episode The Dunsparce Deception.

Living in a small town, he was able to capture a Dunsparce during a massive emergence. He and the other children teased Bucky about him not having a Dunsparce, because he wasn't home during the swarm and thus didn't catch one.


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Timothy's Dunsparce
Timothy caught a Dunsparce like all the other children in town did. He entered his Dunsparce in a race against all the other Dunsparce and started to tease Bucky, who didn't have one. Later, Timothy found out that Team Rocket had stolen his Dunsparce in one of their schemes. Timothy, along with the rest of the children, found Team Rocket and used a special combination attack to defeat Team Rocket and get their Dunsparce back. In the end, Timothy stopped teasing Bucky since he managed to catch a Dunsparce, too.

Dunsparce's known moves are Glare, Screech, and Take Down.

Debut The Dunsparce Deception

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese ゆきじ Yukiji
English Jimmy Zoppi
Polish Teresa Nawrot
European Spanish Elena Palacios

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